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TLCB Lock-Down Competition – One Month to Go!

We’re half way through TLCB Lock-Down B-Model Competition!

Whether you’re stuck inside due to that pesky virus thingy, because your streets are burning after another senseless killing of an unarmed black man by a white police officer, or even if you’re not locked-down at all, we want you to build something new from what you already have.

That’s the joy of LEGO, and it also rails against the consumerist throw-away nature of society. Oh, and you can win an awesome SBrick Plus Pro pack and bring programmable bluetooth remote control to your creations!

We have three more blog-worthy competition entrants to share today, so without further pre-amble, on to the contestants…

First up is Pauls Technic‘s ‘concept racer’, constructed only from the parts found within the 42022 Technic Hot Rod set. Looking like a cross between a sand rail, short track racer, and an Indy car, Paul’s alternate includes working steering, a mid-mounted V4 engine, opening cabin roll cage, and an adjustable rear wing. Head to Eurobricks via the link above to check it out!

Next we have Jan Geurts‘ 31046 B-Model, the ‘Jeebuggy’; a mix of… you guessed it, a Jeep and a buggy. Which looks rather fun. You don’t need a giant set with which to create your B-Model (although you certainly can use one of LEGO’s most enormous sets should you wish), and Jan’s model gets right to the heart of the competition by creating something new out of a standard and unremarkable LEGO set. See more on Flickr.

Our third mid-point entry comes from previous bloggee (and a previous entrant into TLCB Lock-Down Competition) Serge S, who has redeployed the pieces found within the 10252 Creator Volkswagen Beetle set to create this beautifully presented muscle car. Opening doors, hood and trunk all feature, as does a detailed interior and engine bay, and there’s more to see of Serge’s excellent alternate at his photostream via the link above.

If you’d like to enter your own alternate and be in with a chance of winning an SBrick Plus Pro Pack take a look at the competition details by clicking the link below, familiarise yourself with our Submission Guidelines, and submit your B-Model before the end of June!

TLCB Lock-Down B-Model Competition Details

42022 Technic Hot Rod Review

Lego Technic 42022 Review

We’re donning TLCB Reviewing Anorak today, as it’s time for another official set review!

We revealed LEGO’s 42022 Technic Hot Rod quite a while ago now, and we finally have a copy of the set in the office. Sitting in the middle of the 2015 Technic range, 42022 proudly flies the flag for mechanical engineering against a tide of sets boasting electrically operated functions. Electricity has its place of course, but sometimes we like to see how things work, and that is something that 42022 does brilliantly.

So, those mechanical functions; 42022 features a working V6 piston engine, functioning steering, and a beautifully engineered folding roof. The big V6 is turned by one (and only one) of the rear wheels, whilst the steering is operated by a vertical axel protruding from the rear of the car. It’s also quite possibly the single most abysmal example of steering that LEGO has ever had the audacity to put into a Technic model. Regular readers of this site will know we often moan about the poor steering on Technic sets, but 42022’s is so comically dreadful it’s like LEGO did it on purpose just to annoy us.

Luckily the folding roof is the complete opposite, being an absolute delight to operate. A small cog on the passenger side of the car raises the rear deck as the roof simultaneously folds down under it. It’s a wonderfully elegant solution, but sadly it also highlights the main problem with 42022: It isn’t really like an actual hot rod.

When you look at 42022 it is of course, unmistakably, a hot rod. But it also sort of isn’t, because it seems as if it’s been designed by someone that knows the key ingredients to make a hod rod, but doesn’t have a recipe for how to cook them.

It is far too low, or long – depending on your view, and many of the details, like that brilliant roof, are totally out of place on a vehicle such as this. A mid-00s sports car would be the perfect fit, but not a modified vintage car.

The odd proportions can actually be solved quite easily; simply doubling (or more) the height of the windscreen re-balances the whole car and makes it far more life-like. But of course then the roof doesn’t work…

The rest of the bodywork itself is OK in a minimalist sort of way – there are in fact only six blue pieces in total – and the funky stickers are quite a fun inclusion.

Besides a slight error in one of the sub-assemblies (which shows pieces present on the model which are yet to be placed in reality) the instructions are typical of LEGO – clear, fun to use, and beautifully laid out. 42022 also comes with digital instructions too, which gives an insight into where LEGO sets will probably head over the next few years.

Overall 42022 is a bit of a mixed bag. Whilst the proportions and detailing are a mile away from accurate (the online Lego Community does it so much better), the mechanical functions – even the terrible steering – are fantastic learning aids for any young builder; all are highly visible within the model and are easy enough to replicate with spare pieces. And that is what Technic should be all about.

42022 is currently on offer for around £20 instead of the usual £30 at a few well-known online retailers. At that price, it’s a worthwhile purchase. 7/10

Lego Technic 42022 Hot Rod Review


Lego Set Preview – The 2014 Technic Line-Up

Lego technic 42025

It’s that time of year again, when several lucky Elves ‘volunteer’ to get thrown over the perimeter fence of The LEGO Group’s development HQ. Weeks have passed since the office sling-shot fired the Elvish task-force into the Danish darkness, but today the final Elf returned and thus we now have the complete Technic line-up for the first half of 2014! Some of the stolen images have watermarks on, but hey – we’re not picky.

42025 – Lego Technic Cargo Plane

The main picture of this article is the main Technic set of 2014, and it marks a return to air-based Technic not seen for some time. The ‘feature’ model for the start of the year, LEGO’s new Cargo Plane features some rare Technic colours and a whole host of Power Functions and mechanical goodies, including; turning propellors, opening nose-cone, lowering ramp and adjustable flaps. Targeted at the upper end of the Technic age-range 42025 is aimed at builders aged 10+ and will likely sit at the top of 2014’s prices.

Lego Technic 42021 and 42022

42021 – Lego Technic Snowmobile, 42022 – Lego Technic Hot Rod 

Next up are the two mid-range vehicles in the 2014 LEGO Technic line-up; 42021 and 42022, a snowmobile and hot rod respectively. Each is aimed at a slightly younger audience than 42025, but they still include a variety of proper Technic mechanical functions, including steering, suspension and piston engines. Each also continues LEGO’s expansion into brighter colours and decals, making them very visually appealing sets. Like all of the 2014 Technic range, instructions are provided for two possible models and these will also be available digitally via Lego.com.

Lego technic 42026 and 42027

42026 – Lego Technic Black Racing, 42027 – Lego Technic Desert Racer

Our third volunteering Elf snaffled two new starter Technic sets aimed at the 7+ age group; 42026 and 42027. As with all starter models their simpler build does mean less functionality than the larger Technic sets, but the LEGO Group does enhance the play value with pull-back motors. The Elves, being optimistically at the mental capacity of a 7 year old,  love these, and we suspect they’ll be the biggest sellers in the range next year. Bold colour choices abound in 2014 with more lime green and a dash of bright orange – we’re sure that we’ll see these re-surface on a few muscle car MOCs throughout the year.

Lego technic 42020

42020 – Lego Technic Double Rotor Helicopter

Probably our least favourite of the 2014 LEGO Technic sets is this transport helicopter, but the range has to start somewhere. The rotors spin in unison and it features some useful looking rotor blades, but not much else. It will be cheap though.

Lego Technic 42023 and 42024

42023 – Lego Technic Construction Team, 42024 – Lego Technic Container Truck

The final two new Technic sets in LEGO’s 2014 range get back to the heart of the brand; big chunky construction equipment with loads of mechanical features. It’s safe to say we’re delighted with these two sets.

On the left is 42023, the Construction Team, and the first multi-model set we’ve seen in years. Featuring a tracked excavator, front-loader and a dump truck it looks like a great way to expand a Technic collection with some excellent mechanical models. Aimed at ages 8+ the three models are quite simple, but they’re also full of play potential. Bravo LEGO.

And finally, the last model in LEGO’s 2014 Technic range is 42024, container truck (or ‘skip lorry’ as we’d call it here in the UK). Aimed at the 10+ age group it features some strong mechanical features including working steering, a lifting container arm and extending support legs. It’s also – despite the modern studless construction – rather retro looking in a classic red-yellow-blue combo, and we like that.

Overall it’s a pretty strong line-up for 2014, and there will be further additions, including a new flagship, for the second half of the year. As always we may review some of these sets throughout the year, and if you’d like to read The Lego Car Blog’s expert reviews on official LEGO sets from previous years, check out the Reviews page here.