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BMC A-Series

Raw power! Ok, maybe not raw power. Er… Reasonable economy!

Another ‘not a car’ post, but this time it is car-related, honest. This little plastic thingumy is a 1:6 scale BMC A-Series engine, as fitted to all manner of dinky British cars for over 50 years. This wasn’t because it was the world’s greatest engine by any means, rather because the British were too lazy to bother replacing it. Still, they now have a thriving car industry, proving that such thriftiness is well judged and commendable. Is our sarcasm filter on? It is? Oh good. Anyway, this little power-plant did do sterling service in some well loved vehicles, including the Austin/Morris Mini, Morris Minor, Morris Marina/Austin Allegro… wait, maybe not that last one. Nick Barrett, a TLCB regular, is the mechanic behind it. See more, including a video of the engine working, on MOCpages.

Jet Set

Rolls Royce Trent

Rolls Royce Trent 1000. 152,455 Lego bricks, 307 kilograms, 6.5 feet long, and it’s still only half-size.

The world-famous Farnborough International Airshow is underway in Southern England, and this year alongside the fighter jets, stunt planes and aero manufacturers wooing clients with champagne and suitcases full of money is this; possibly the most complex Lego creation ever built.

Rolls Royce commissioned this half-size replica of their Trent 1000 jet engine, complete down to every individual component it took a team of four people two months to construct. For more pictures check out the story on Gizmodo.

Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Lego