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Red Head

Lego Ferrari Testarossa

Before Ferrari became a marketer of expensive yet pointless merchandise* they made cars. Cars like this one, the glorious 1980s’ Testarossa. Featuring the firm’s last flat (boxer) engine the Testarossa produced just under 400 bhp from its twelve cylinders, and almost 10,000 were made during an extensive 12 year production run.

This brilliant Lego replica is the work of TLCB debutant Lennart C, and he’s employed some rather unique building techniques to recreate the ’80s icon. You can see all the photos of Lennart’s Ferrari on Flickr at the link above.

*If Ferrari’s notoriously trigger-happy lawyers are reading this we don’t mean it.** Please don’t sue us.

**We do. But still please don’t sue us.

Gulf-Porsche Racing

Lego Gulf-Porsche 917One of our favourite racing car builders- bobalexander!– is back, with this simply magnificent 1970 Gulf-Porsche 917. Powered by a monstrous flat-12 engine the 917 was capable of over 240mph, but with limited aerodynamic knowledge (this was the early ’70s) it was also notoriously difficult to drive. Despite the handling issues the 917 has become one of the most legendary racing cars ever built, and in the most famous Gulf Racing livery it might be the best looking one too. See more of Bob’s incredible Model Team version on Flickr.