The Tudors

Lego Ford Tudor Hot RodBesides being a CBC television programme containing quite a lot of sex (and also quite a lot of historical inaccuracy), ‘Tudors’ can also refer to buildings of a certain style and, perhaps more strangely, Hot Rods.

We have no idea how a car can be a ‘Tudor’ (can anyone help?), but looking at Doc Brown‘s ’32 Ford Tudor we do quite like the results. As is commonplace in recent Technic creations Doc’s Ford is remote controlled via LEGO’s Power Functions system and he’s produced a video to show it in action that’s nearly as slick as the model itself. Check it out below, and see the Ford’s full gallery on Flickr via the link above, or on Eurobricks here.

YouTube Video:

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5 thoughts on “The Tudors

  1. D_Brown says:

    Thanks for blogging! Sounds like you need a “tutor” 😛 Best I know, “Tudor” was a marketing/play on words ploy to describe “two door” cars. This was used to escape the horse drawn era terms such as sedan and coach, which were still in the minds of buyers.


  2. mud4fun says:

    Excellent model, really captures the shape very well.


  3. […] contrast to Doc Brown’s Technic Ford Tudor, which we featured yesterday, comes 1saac W.’s tiny Model A hot rod, also from 1932. You can […]


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