Classic Space Special

Lego Classic Space Mobile Base

Classic Space seems to be taking over the online Lego Community of late. We’ve had classic space hot rods, even classic space muscle cars, and today we can add another three tenuous links back to the smiling spacemen of the 1980s to this list.

First up, and the least odd of today’s trio, is this mega Mobile Lunar Base by Flickr’s Benjamin Corey. It’s got Technic Power Functions motors inside so it can trundle about in a very classic spacey way, although luckily for our Elves it’s one RC creation that’s too slow to mow them down. You can see more of Benjamin’s tracked-command centre on Flickr at the link above.

Lego Classic Space Gasser Hot Rod

The second of today’s classic space creations comes from recent bloggee Tim Henderson, who has decided that what classic spacemen really need in the vacuum of space is an air-breathing V8-engined ‘gasser’ hot rod. It might not be logical, but it’s damn cool! There’s more to see on Flickr via the link above.

Lego Classic Space Star Wars Pod Racer

The final model in our classic space trio comes from Gerald F of MOCpages. Gerald’s smiling classic spaceman seems to have taken a wormhole into a parallel universe, emerging at the helm of his very own classic space Star Wars podracer.

You can see more of Gerald’s spacey mash-up over on MOCpages via the link above, whilst we ponder if the arrival of all of these smiling classic spacemen is the signal of something sinister…

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