Beast of Baja

Lego Technic RC Baja Trophy Truck

Sigh… Another day, another RC find, and another hour spent picking squashed Elves out of the office carpet. This has got to stop.

The cause of the carnage goes some way to brightening the mood here at TLCB Towers as it’s an absolutely first-class build. Eurobricks’ Madoca has constructed one of the best Technic off-road vehicles of the year with this incredible Baja trophy truck.

Lego Technic RC Chassis

Underneath the bodywork is a Technic axle frame that houses five Power Functions motors (four for drive through the rear wheels plus one servo motor for steering) all controlled by a third-party SBrick system, a working V8 engine, LED lights, and brilliantly engineered independent front and trailing arm rear suspension, making Madoca’s trophy truck one of the most competent off-road vehicles built from Lego that we’ve seen.

You can read all the technical details and see the full gallery of images via the link in the text above, and you can watch the truck in action via the excellent video below.

YouTube Video:

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