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Baja Bug

Snow is falling outside TLCB Towers today, so here’s a VW buggy built to race in the desert. No we couldn’t think of a Christmas link. And we’re really cold.

Anyway, this Speed Champions style ‘Baja Bug’ comes from regular bloggee Jonathan Elliott, it’s rather excellent, and there’s more to see at his photostream. Click the link above and pretend you’re somewhere hot. Unless you’re already somewhere hot, then you can just click the link.


Today’s creation might sound like something you picked up on that trip to Thailand, but it is in fact the dubious name given to this marvellous Technic Volkswagen Beetle buggy by its maker, februar88. Stupendous in its appearance, februar88’s creation includes four drive motors – with one L Motor powering each wheel, plus Servo steering, a V8 engine (turned by a Medium Motor), mega suspension, opening and locking doors, LED lights, and SBrick programmable bluetooth control. There’s lots more to see – including a video of the bug in action – at the Eurobricks discussion forum. Take your penicillin and learn a valuable lesson about using protection via the link above.

Rocky Balboa

Lego Off-Road Muscle Car

Turning a classic muscle car into a rock crawler should be an abomination, but it just… works. This magnificent slice of muscular yellow rockery comes from TLCB regular de-marco and we absolutely love it. With classic Town spring suspension and cunning SNOT techniques throughout, de-marco’s 5-wide ‘Off-Road Muscle Car’ is well worth a closer inspection. You can even build it for yourself as there are instructions available too! Head over to Flickr via the link above to go ringside.

Lego Off-Road Muscle Car

Baja Redux

Lego Technic Baja 1000 Buggy RC

The Elven annoyance continues here at The Lego Car Blog, as this is so their kind of vehicle and they didn’t find it. No smushings today! Suggested by a reader this is RacingBrick’s Baja 1000 Class 1 buggy, inspired by a creation by Agrof blogged here two years ago.

RacingBrick has equipped his Class 1 buggy with LEGO’s insanely powerful Buggy Motors hooked up to a third-party BuWizz bluetooth control brick, delivering up to 8x the power of LEGO’s own Power Functions system.

Lego Technic Baja 1000 Buggy RC

All that power can be put to excellent use thanks to monster suspension and a lightweight frame, making RacingBrick’s creation one of the most capable off-road vehicles we’ve ever posted. You can read more about the build at RacingBrick’s website by clicking here, but before you do that we really recommend watching what his buggy in action, it’s an amazing bit of kit!

YouTube Video:

FJ Baja

Lego Toyota FJ 40 Baja

Egor Karshiev‘s superb classic Toyota FJ40s have appeared here before in various guises and he’s recently added another version to his garage. This is an Icon FJ, built by the same Californian resto-mod company responsible for the mighty Icon Bronco. Egor wrote to Icon for information to help him build their FJ, and the CEO himself responded! Now that’s service!

Lego Technic Toyota FJ Icon

Egor’s latest FJ is, like his previous iterations, fully remote controlled thanks to LEGO’s Power Functions components, with an XL Motor providing drive to all four wheels and and Servo controlling the steering. There’s live axle suspension front and rear, opening doors and hood, and an in-built LiPo battery and Smart Brick receiver.

Egor has produced an excellent video showing what his Icon FJ can do, cleverly using the audio from Fifth Gear’s televised road test of the real car, which you can watch below, and theres lots more to see at Egor’s MOCpage – click here to make the jump.

YouTube Video:

Baja Boot

Lego Technic Beach Buggy

With working steering, bouncy independent suspension, a mid-mounted V8 engine, a two-speed transmission and all-wheel-drive, this replica of the 1967 off road racer ‘Baja Boot’ (once owned by Hollywood legend Steve McQueen) looks as fun as the real thing.

Built by newcomer Erix there’s lots more to see on both Eurobricks and Brickshelf – click the links to take a look.

Lego Technic Baja Boot

Technic Trophy Truck

Lego Trophy Truck

This mean looking Technic Trophy Truck was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. Horcik Designs is the builder and it’s a quality bit of kit, with Power Functions RC drive and steering, working suspension and a rechargeable on-board LiPo battery. There’s more to see on Flickr and Eurobricks – click the links to make the jump.

Lego Technic Trophy Truck RC

Beast of Baja

Lego Technic RC Baja Trophy Truck

Sigh… Another day, another RC find, and another hour spent picking squashed Elves out of the office carpet. This has got to stop.

The cause of the carnage goes some way to brightening the mood here at TLCB Towers as it’s an absolutely first-class build. Eurobricks’ Madoca has constructed one of the best Technic off-road vehicles of the year with this incredible Baja trophy truck.

Lego Technic RC Chassis

Underneath the bodywork is a Technic axle frame that houses five Power Functions motors (four for drive through the rear wheels plus one servo motor for steering) all controlled by a third-party SBrick system, a working V8 engine, LED lights, and brilliantly engineered independent front and trailing arm rear suspension, making Madoca’s trophy truck one of the most competent off-road vehicles built from Lego that we’ve seen.

You can read all the technical details and see the full gallery of images via the link in the text above, and you can watch the truck in action via the excellent video below.

YouTube Video:

More Monster Truck

Lego Baja Trophy Truck

After removing the controls of yesterday‘s monster truck from the Elves before there could be any smushings one of them got one over us today.

In the hands of the aforementioned employee the Baja trophy truck above managed to squash most of our smelly little workforce long before we noticed anything was amiss and – thanks to the new SBrick – controlling the chaos could be done by the Elf in hiding.

Lego Technic RC Trophy Truck

Order has now been restored and the jubilant Elf responsible ejected from TLCB Towers by way of the office catapult, giving us the chance to scrape some damaged Elves out of the carpet and – more importantly – have a go at the driving ourselves.

The beast in question is the work of Egor Karshiev (aka rm8) and it’s E.P.I.C. Underneath the trophy truck bodywork are two LEGO buggy motors powered by two LiPo batteries, plus a servo motor for steering, three sets of LEDs and the SBrick control unit. All of this sits on top of some of the bounciest Technic suspension we’ve ever seen and the result is a Technic model that’s faster than anything made from Lego has a right to be.

Lego Technic Baja Truck

You can read all about Egor’s creation and see the full gallery of images on MOCpages, plus you can appreciate how half our workers were squashed so thoroughly by watching the truck in action in Egor’s awesome video here.

Baja Buggy

Technic Baja Buggy

Another day, another Elf, another meal token, and another model to show you. This remote controlled Technic Baja Buggy was found on Brickshelf. It’s the work of Pipasseyoyo and it’s packed full of functionality. There’s lots more to see at the link above, plus you can watch a video of it in action below.

Lego Baja BuggyYouTube Video:


Baja Bug

Lego Baja Bug

The builder of this Baja Bug, Piterx, says he doesn’t like it very much! He has set the bar very high with his previous builds (use the Search function at the foot of this page to see his previous work), but we like it a lot. It’s controlled via Lego Power Functions motors and it looks a blast to drive. You can let Piterx know whether you like it or not on Eurobricks.

Trophy Truck

Lego RC Trophy Truck

Another day, another Elf, another meal token issued. Today’s lucky recipient found this superb remote control Trophy Truck on Eurobricks. Underneath the Technic bodywork sits some wonderfully bouncy suspension attached to a faithful RWD set-up, and it’s powered by LEGO’s out-of-production buggy motors that give it a surprising turn of speed. gsia17 is the builder, and you can see all the photos plus a great video of the truck in action at the link.

Lego Baja Truck

Beast from Baja

Lego Baja Truck

Let’s Off-Road!

Pipasseyoyo returns with this bright Baja Truck. With a big V8 and full suspension it’s ready for some desert punishment. See more on Brickshelf.

Baja Blaster

Baja Trophy Truck

Tiny Trophy Truck

And now for something a little smaller. Raphy over on Flickr has built this tiny Baja racer. Rarely have the Elves brought back such a miniscule MOC that looks this good.