Russian Refuel

Lego ZIL 130 Tanker Truck

Ugly, low, and brown – this ZIL 130 fuel tanker could be any number of our Elven workforce. But like them it is useful, as without ground support vehicles such as these, airforces and airlines would operate for about 5 minutes.

This tidy recreation of the Russian truck comes from previous bloggee Dornbi, and he’s included a wonderful MiG 21 for it to refuel too. Head over to Flickr via the link above to see more.

Lego MiG 21

2 thoughts on “Russian Refuel

  1. Peter Dornbach

    Thanks for the coverage! For completeness, I would like to mention that the design for the truck was provided by Brick Verse, I only modified it for the tanker role.


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