Land Rover Defender | Picture Special

We love it when builders gets in contact with us here at TLCB. Firstly it means a few people actually read the ‘inane blather’ (to quote a comment by a reader) that streams from the hovel that is TLCB Towers, and secondly because it sometimes unearths incredible creations.

Case in point is Zeta Racing, who recently messaged us on Facebook. We recommended Flickr as a tool for sharing his creations and bam! – We now have no less than five unbelievable builds to blog.

This is the third, Zeta’s magnificent fully RC Land Rover Defender, and it – like the two builds already featured here – is a work of engineering brilliance.

Based on an earlier design by TLCB Master MOCer Sheepo, Zeta has captured the aesthetic of a moderately modified Defender 110 brilliantly, with a lift kit, snorkel, roof cage, tow bar, and more all represented in Lego form. The doors, hood and tailgate all open, and there’s a superbly detailed interior inside too.

It’s what’s underneath that’s most impressive though, with Zeta’s model equipped with a complete Technic Supercar drivetrain (engine, gearbox, suspension, and steering), and full remotely controlled motorisation.

Power Functions motors drive the four-wheel-drive system (which also turns the accurate inline 4-cylinder engine under the hood) and control the working steering, with superbly accurate suspension allowing the power to be used both on and off-road.

Four IR receivers are hidden in the cabin, allowing control of the aforementioned drive and steering, and also – by our guess – a motorised gearbox and front-mounted winch too.

It’s a stunning build, immediately jumping into the Technic off-roader All-Time Greats list, and there’s a whole lot more of the build to see at Zeta Racing’s Flickr photostream by clicking here. And there are still two further incredible creations to come…

3 thoughts on “Land Rover Defender | Picture Special

  1. Scott

    Can i just take a moment to say i thoroughly enjoy your inane blather? As informative as the nerdiness of TBB and NewE can be, its always refreshing to read a blog thats as self-aware as yours. Ive seen you poke fun of a lot of countries and their leadership, but it seems its mostly when it’s directed at America or Americans that theres backlash. Maybe our oversensitivity and defesiveness as a nation to criticism is because we know its warrented. I say this as an American who appreciates the ideals of my country but has been consistently ashamed of our treatment of other countries and even our own citizens since long before Trump. So keep it up, TLCB, dont let up, and dont let the humorlessness some of your more insecure readers stop you from telling it like it is. Oh, and keep being my favorite blog of Lego vehicles-and-sometimes-other-things. But you probably should get out of your moms basement. She told me afterwards last night that shes tired of doing your laundry.


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