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Build My Car!

Lego TVR S3 Auto Trader

This glorious 1991 TVR S3 comes from Flickr and MOCpage’s Mortal Swordsman, who’s been commissioned by the Auto Trader car selling website to recreate readers’ cars in Lego. You can see more of this lovely early ’90s S3 on Flickr, and you can read a little more about the now defunct TVR company by visiting one of our previous posts here.

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Yellow Car!

Yellow Porsche15201528773_485c64624c

Normally finding two quality vehicles would leave The Lego Car Blog Elves happily munching away on Smarties. In this case it would be yellow ones, because they’re the best kind. Unfortunately the Elves have also just discovered the rules to the Yellow Car Game, causing the biggest Elf-Fight that Mr. Airhorn has ever had to quell.

LatLug member Rolands Ķirpis has created a beautiful Porsche, very much in the style of the great Malte Dorowski. The car – previously blogged here – features a nicely detailed interior and can be seen in the company of an excellent Model Team style breakdown truck by clicking this link to the Latvian Lego Users Group Photostream.

The second excuse for one Elf to hit another was provided by Joe Perez (Mortal Swordsman). Working on a commission for the UK’s Lego professionals, Bright Bricks, Joe has built a ’69 Mustang. The car has opening doors and bonnet, with an engine underneath. The build is all the more impressive, as the subject was chosen by readers of Auto Trader magazine and Joe chose his supply of Lego pieces before he knew what the car was to be. There are more cars to follow in this series, so it’s worth clicking the link to Joe’s MOCpages account or his Flickr Photostream to see what happens.

Yellow Mustang15340061403_25bc2944e5

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