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Thrifty Tuesday

Lego BMW Isetta

After the extravagance of yesterday‘s posts it’s time for a vehicle more befitting of this site’s status. Small, slow, and a little bit rubbish, the BMW Isetta ‘bubble car’ was the product of a continent in ruins after World War 2. Metal was in short supply, it could be driven on a motorcycle license, and taxing it was cheap. So was the car of course, mostly because it wasn’t really a car at all.

As is often the way with weird classic cars, the BMW Isetta is now quite sought after, despite being about as cool as a G-Wiz in the ’50s. Maybe the G-Wiz will be cool in 60 years? Stranger things have happened.

This neat recreation of the ’50s German oddity comes from Flickr’s OutBricks, and you can see more by clicking here.

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Royal Baby

Lego BMW Isetta Bubble CarWe round off today’s bumper edition of The Lego Car Blog with the news everyone’s talking about; the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby boy (or ‘Wills and Kate’ if you’re a reader of the British tabloid newspapers), third in line to the British throne.

We do sometimes like to link TLCB to current events, and we think we’ve done it rather well this time, with Brickshelf user mijasper‘s lovely BMW Isetta bubble car, which is about as ‘baby’ as a car can be.

‘But’, we hear you say, ‘..the Isetta’s German!’. Yes it is. However, the British Royal Family have a slightly German secret.

There, you see! A seamless link after all.

Lego BMW Isetta Caravan

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