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Go Nuclear

Lego Technic Retrofuturistic Nuclear Car

The news is full of nuclear war hysteria at the moment, thanks to the orange leader of the free world and overweight North Korean despot Kim Jong-un. As a classy blog not interested in clickbait we’re seamlessly jumping on the bandwagon with this, Nico71‘s glorious Fallout 4 inspired retro-futuristic nuclear concept car.

Back in the ’50 and ’60s wild concept cars were all the rage, and were often powered by a variety of unusual fuels, including gas turbines, electricity and yes, even nuclear reaction.

Lego Technic Retrofuturistic Nuclear Car

Nico’s brilliant Technic concept car perfectly captures the ambitions of the age, and it’s clever too, featuring remote control drive and steering, electronically opening doors and a sliding roof canopy, plus working suspension and lights.

Control of the electrically-powered functions is taken care of thanks to a third-party BuWizz bluetooth unit, which allows graduated control via a bluetooth device and delivers up to 8x more power to the motors than LEGO’s own system.

Lego Technic Retrofuturistic Nuclear Car

You can see all of the build details and the full image gallery courtesy of Nico71’s excellent website by clicking here, and you watch the nuclear concept car in action (which is worth doing for the roof mechanism alone!) via the excellent video below.

YouTube Video:

I’m So Ronery

K2 Black Panther Tank

Ready for the DMZ

Sariel is back with a bang! This is his latest project, a ridiculously complicated – and brilliant – replica of the most advanced tank in the world; the South Korean K2 Black Panther. Costing $8.5 million each, making it the most expensive tank in the world, the K2 features lazer lock-on weapons, 55 calibre smoothbore gun and an incredible In-Arm Suspension design which allows the tank to sit, stand or kneel depending upon the terrain.

Sariel has recreated it all (apart from the lazer lock-on, although he’ll probably manage that soon) and details the build fully at his blog, sariel.pl.

K2 Black Panther Lego Tank

Sariel’s K2 Black Panther in Lego

Sadly the situation in the Korean Peninsula is looking increasingly unstable, as the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, who looked on the verge of softening their stance, seem to have returned to their isolated and antagonistic state of mind*. With nuclear weapons on one side of the DMZ, and K2 Black Panthers on the other, we’re just pleased The Lego Car Blog office is a long, long way from it all.

To see the full gallery of Sariel’s K2, visit his blog at the link above, or see the tank in action on YouTube here.

(*Strong language warning)