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Tampa Bay Ferrari Dealership – Picture Special

Lego Ferrari Dealership

Constructed from around 36,000 pieces and 4 years in the making, this is one of the largest Lego projects that this site has ever featured. Ryan Link, a regular bloggee here at The Lego Car Blog, has been very busy.

Huge Lego Ferrari Dealership

Loosely based on the Tampa Bay Ferrari dealership, Ryan has designed and built a home for the eight Ferrari models that he has constructed over the past few years. Measuring 192×144 studs, Ryan’s enormous creation can easily house his collection, and features a wealth of incredible detailing, including brick-built wall mosaics depicting classic Ferrari models, beautiful Ferrari lettering, and even a couple of wonderfully intricate prancing horse logos too.

Lego Ferrari Dealership

The shot above shows just how good the aforementioned mosaics and logos look, which feature throughout the interior of the dealership including in the showroom, customer lounge and accessories area, and workshop, all of which are lit by a third-party LED system integrated into the roof of the build.

Lego Ferrari Models

The stars of Ryan’s incredible build are of course the Ferrari models which it was built to house, and they include a 458 Italia, Enzo, LaFerrari, 599 GTB, Testarossa, F12 Berlinetta, and even a fully liveried Ferrari team truck, all of which have been published here.

Lego Ferrari Models

There’s a whole lot more of this spectacular creation to see at Ryan Link’s photostream and we cannot recommend clicking this link enough. LEGO, Ferrari… if ever you visit this little corner of the internet; invite Ryan out for a chat – we think the officially licensed Ferrari range of LEGO sets could so with a bit of expansion…

Flat Pack Ferrari

Ferrari 625 TRC Spider Lego

Nope, Ikea haven’t started selling Italian super cars, these two gorgeous Ferrari mosaics come from Ryan Link of MOCpages, and they are quite astoundingly brilliant.

Unlike many Lego mosaics, where the pieces simply slot together but are unattached to one another (or worse, when someone just runs a photo from the internet through a computer programme), Ryan’s stunning images are completely brick-built and every piece is connected. You can see how it’s been done thanks to a ‘behind the scenes‘ shot, and if anything it’s even more impressive than the images here, with some fiendishly difficult connections.

There’s more available on MOCpages – click here to see the beautiful Ferrari 625 TRC and here to see the Ferrari Enzo.

Ferrari Enzo Lego

Mustang Sally

Lego Ford Mustang Girl

Mustang Sally, now baby
Guess you better slow that Mustang down
Listen, you been runnin’ all over town
I have to put your flat feet on the ground

There’s more to see (but not that much more you dirty lot) courtesy of Bricks Noir of MOCpages and Flickr.

Pixelated Porsche

Lego Porsche 911 GT3 Mosaic

We know, another Porsche. But this one is a bit different to the creations we usually post, seeing as the whole thing is only two plates high. This neat video-game style ’08 Porsche 911 GT3 RS mosaic was suggested by a reader and comes from Blaine R. of MOCpages. There are 4,796 bricks in there, and you can see them in more detail by clicking the link above.