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Laying Pipes

We’re not quite over poo-based titles just yet. Discovered by one of our Elves on Brickshelf, this is gkurkowski‘s Volvo PL4809E pipe layer, a fully remote controlled Model Team replica of Volvo’s real tracked crane.

Phenomenal attention to detail and some seriously intricate pneumatics make gkurkowski’s creation spectacularly accurate, both aesthetically and in its operation.

An array of hidden Power Functions motors drive the tracks, superstructure rotation, boom reach, and the cable winch, enabling the Volvo to lay pipe as efficiently as this TLCB Writer does when he’s rushing to leave for work in the morning.

An extensive gallery of top quality photos is available to view on Brickshelf, where comparison imagery showing gkurkowski’s model alongside the real vehicle and WIP shots can be found, plus plenty more images displaying the completed crane as you see here. Click the link above to head to Brickshelf and lay some pipe.

Grab ‘n Go

Lego Grab Excavator

Tim Schwalfenberg returns to The Lego Car Blog with another beautifully clean creation. Following his Town rollercoaster published here last week is this exceptionally neat excavator with grab attachment, complete with some nice shiny pipes. You can see more of Tim’s latest build here, and you can spot what links this creation with his last via the link above.

Pipe Dream – Picture Special

Lego Liebherr Pipe-Layer RC

The Lego Car Blog Elves like laying little pipes, but if they’re not laid in their cage room there is serious trouble. A few members of TLCB staff walk around the office bare-foot and there has been much anger directed at our Eleven workforce in the past for corridor mishaps.

Anyway, now that we’ve got mythical poo out the way we can move on to this – Makorol‘s brilliant Liebherr RL 64 pipe-layer. Both beautifully detailed and expertly engineered, Makorol’s creation not only looks superb but it functions near-perfectly too.

LEGO Liebherr RL 64 Pipelayer

A suite of LEGO’s versatile Power Functions motors power the Liebherr’s drive, steering, winches, boom and counterweight movement, all controlled remotely via two IR receivers mounted within the body.

Lego Technic Liebherr Crane Remote Control

A full gallery of high-quality images is available to view at Makorol’s Flickr photostream via the  link above, plus you can see the Liebherr pipe-layer in action in the excellent video below, which is complete with creator commentary.

Lego Remote Control Crane

YouTube Video: