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Ice Ice Baby

These two arctic exploration vehicles were uncovered on Flickr today, each coming from David VII. Above is a truly marvellous looking tracked container carrier, complete with pallets of supplies and a, er… container, whilst below is a ‘High Mobility Snow Vehicle’ (or HMSV for short) that looks a riot to drive but frikkin’ freezing. Fortunately David has equipped his mini-figures with some toasty looking snow suits and you can join them in the arctic wilderness at his photostream via the link above.

*Today’s title song, obviously.

Vanilla (Choc) Ice

Lego Lowrider

We’ll take both please

Time for a beautiful metaphor highlighting the fruitlessness of racism. These equally brilliant Lowriders come courtesy of Orion Pax over on Flickr. Different they may be, but they’re both spectacularly well built, and also seem to be held up by magic. Check them out at Orion’s Flickr photostream, where you can find a link to his rather superb website.