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Got Wood?

Yes we do today. A lot of it. Cue a default title that still makes us snigger – because we’re children, and a car called a Willys, which also makes us snigger – because we’re children.

Previous bloggee 1saac W. is the cause of the phallus-based sniggering with his beautiful recreation of the 1948 Willys-Overland Station Wagon, and there’s more to see of 1saac’s Woodie (snigger) on Flickr via the link.

Got Wood?

1947 Ford Woody

Insert Buzz for twice the awesome

Far out hipster Nathan Proudlove shows us that, like, summer is totally on the way with his rad 1949 Woodie. Complete with roof-rack and surfboards, check it out on Flickr. Dude.