Where Were You in ’62?

Lego Ford ’32 Deuce CoupeWe might not be generous in any way to TLCB Elves, but we are to you guys. Overlooking a slight time-zone discrepancy, Flickr’s Chrisbuilds has snuck into TLCB Summer Building Competition at the last second. Well, when we say ‘snuck’, as much as is possible with a bright yellow ’32 Ford Deuce hot rod and a ’55 Chevy Coupe.

TLCB Summer Building CompetitionBoth cars are stars from the iconic 1973 movie ‘American Graffiti’ and Chris has replicated them superbly in smooth Model Team style. You can see more of both his competition entries on Flickr – click the link above to take a trip to ’62.

Lego '55 Chevy Coupe

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