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This is the Alfa Romeo Carabo, it’s just one letter short of being a Thai energy drink / some kind of cow, and it’s mad.

Designed by Bertone and revealed in 1968, the Carabo ushered in the change from swoopy and beautiful, to weird and wedgy. Just one concept was built, powered by a V8 of just two litres capacity mated to a six speed manual gearbox.

This excellent Speed Champions recreation of the Carabo was suggested to us by a reader, and it comes from The G Brix of Flickr. Complete with a detailed interior and engine bay there’s more to see at Brix’s photostream via the link.

Only one Carabo was made, but its design led directly to something that did make production, and a bit of an impact too…


Lego Scania TruckThe Italian designer Bertone penned all manner of beautiful exotic cars (and the Vauxhall Astra Convertible), so it was a moment of brilliance by Scandinavian truck maker Scania to employ the company to design their new truck in 1996. An instant success, European truck drivers split into two camps; those that drove a Scania and those that wanted to. Sadly Bertone himself died just a year later and the Bertone company was absorbed into the FIAT group. Norton74 pays tribute the design great with his superbly recreated Scania 164G trucks. See more of his creations on either Flickr or MOCpages.