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Little Lamborghini

The current Eurobricks ‘small car’ competition is delivering our Elves some brilliant Technic creations. This is one of their favourites, because… well, it’s an orange Lamborghini with a racing stripe down the middle of it.

More for our benefit, it’s also got some neat working features squeezed inside it, including a miniature V10 engine driven by the rear wheels, functioning steering via a ‘Hand of God’ mechanism, plus opening doors and engine cover.

Nico Lego (aka Levihathan) is the Lamborghini’s maker and you can see more of his contest entry at both Flickr and at the Eurobricks discussion forum.

Yellow Lambow

Lego Lamborghini Gallardo

Few cars look as good in yellow as a Lamborghini. Although if you’re a TLCB Elf all cars are preferable in yellow. But they’re morons. Anyway, this is a Lamborghini and it looks resplendent in its sunshine hue. Lennart C is the builder and you can see more of his Model Team style Gallardo via the link above.

Lego Lamborghini Gallardo

Technic Trofeo

Lego Technic Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale

Ah, special editions. If there’s one way to sell something it’s to make people think that what they’re getting is unique. From humble hatchbacks with new seat upholstery and a sticker stuck on the back to exotic supercars with… er, new seat upholstery and sticker stuck on the back, all manufacturers are at it.

This is one of Lamborghini’s efforts, designed to help shift the lovely but ageing Gallardo in the run up to its replacement. The Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale was launched in 2011, limited to a run of only 150 units, and Artery Zotov has just reduced the exclusivity a bit.

His beautiful Technic replica of the rare bull comes with remote controlled all-wheel-drive and steering, independent double-wishbone suspension and a Technic version of the Lamborghini’s famous V10 engine.

There’s more to see on Flickr and at the Eurobricks discussion forum – click the links above to make the jump.

Lego Technic Lamborghini Gallardo RC

Raging Bull

Lego Lamborghini GallardoWe kick off the week with a submission suggestion by two TLCB readers who have done some Elving of their own. Senator Chinchilla, who can be found on both MOCpages and Flickr, has constructed this very yellow Lamborghini Gallardo special edition. You can see all the photos via either of the links above, and if you’ve found a creation our Elves have missed you can see if it meets TLCB’s criteria here.