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Striped Tomato

Undercover detectives need an understated, invisible ride. Something that draws no attention, that can slip by unnoticed. A Dodge minivan for example. Or a Toyota Corolla. Not a bright red Ford Gran Torino with a giant white vector stripe down each side.

Still, maybe things were different in the ’70, and Starksy & Hutch’s wheels still seemed to nab them plenty of crooks. Cue Pasq67‘s 8-wide recreation of one of TV’s most famous vehicles, complete with Starsky & Hutch mini-figures and ‘magnetic’ pot-plant flashing beacon. Oh, and a  giant white vector stripe down each side of course.

Head to Pasq’s Flickr album via the link above for all the imagery and click here for a nearly twenty-minute montage of the real Gran Torino in action!

Gran Torino

Lego Gran Torino

Screen legend Clint Eastwood both starred in and directed 2008’s brilliant ‘Gran Torino’, but even he was second on the billing to the real star. Patrick L has recreated the iconic Ford Torino, resplendent in the movie car’s paint scheme – in wonderful detail. There’s more to see on both Flickr and MOCpages – click the links to make the trip.

Lego Clint Eastwood Gran Torino Car