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Anything Goes

Flickr’s ‘Lego Speeder Bikes‘ group has been running for a decade! That’s longer than Kickstarter, the iPad, and The Lego Car Blog. Home to the very best floaty/hovery motorcycles, ‘Lego Speeder Bikes’ hold an annual competition to showcase the best of their breed. We loved last year’s contest, and in 2019 the group is celebrating a decade of speedy biking with a ‘Best in Show’ theme, where anything goes. Like anything.

Painting bricks, cutting bricks, custom bricks… it’s all allowed in this year’s competition. Of course too much ‘dicking around’ with your LEGO pieces means that your creation won’t appear here at TLCB, but for the purposes of the ‘Lego Speeder Bikes’ 2019 contest it could score you some neat prizes!

We’re kicking off our coverage with a speeder bike that hasn’t messed with the danish plastic from which it’s built courtesy of newcomer mexxbear 陳大雄 and this very cool looking street scene. There’s more to see of mexxbear’s speeder bike and the town in which it’s speeding via the link above, and you can check out the ‘Lego Speeder Bikes’ group and the 2019 competition by clicking here.

Lego Speeder Bikes | District 18 Competition | Round-up!

Lego Speeder Bikes

The Lego Speeder Bike Contest ’18 ‘Battle for District 18’ has come to an end! Contest judge and Lego Speeder Bikes overlord _zenn joins us here at TLCB Towers for a full run-down of the competition results. Over to _zenn!

This year we chose a ‘Futuristic City’ theme that evolved into the whole ‘Battle for District 18’ concept, perfect for building speeder bikes and sparking creativity/imagination. Feedback among contestants was front of mind; competitions should encourage contestants to give and recieve constructive criticism in order to become better builders, and to help us to see building from a different point of view or perspective.

And what a turnout it was this year, with a huge 234 bikes and 34 districts entered! On to the results – the toughest part for us at LSB – the judgement of all those bikes. Let’s get into it!

Lego Speeder Bikes Enforce
The ‘Enforce’ (cops) category winner; o0ger‘s Police L.E.V. 5 (Light Enforcing Vehicle – Pursuit Class). With sleek and smooth shaping and impeccable sticker placement, this bike was in all four judges’ Top 3, an impressive feat.
Lego Speeder Bikes Abide
The ‘Abide’ (citizens) category winner; P.B. Deltassius‘s Flying Fisherman Hoverscooter. The toughest category to judge according to all judges due to the huge diversity of entries submitted. P.B Detlassius’s speeder bike stood out ’cause of its whimsical yet believable approach to everyday civilian life occurring throughout the District.
Lego Speeder Bikes RebelThe ‘Rebel’ (criminals) category winner; Djokson‘s Necrohiver. A tight finish with just 1 point difference between the top two entries. What’s more rebelious than a dark bio-mechanic giger-esque styled bike which will claw the cr*p out of you when you come across its path?
Lego Speeder Bikes District 18
The ‘District 18’ category winner; W. Navarre‘s Decades Afterwards. In two words; organized chaos. The sheer amount of detailing is astounding – this one picture doesn’t do the build justice. Be sure to check out Navarre’s photostream via the link in the text above and gasp in utter admiration at this truly incredible creation., and you can see the full top 10 list for each category at the Lego Speeder Bikes Flickr page.
Honourable mentions; You know my style… I like speederbikes that resemble flying motorcycles, the design choice/form has to fit the function yet retain the motorcycle looks – it has to look like they could actually work. Here are five bikes that stood out to me personally.
Lego Speeder Bikes

Clockwise from top left;

1. Guy Smiley‘s Police Speeder. Urban, rugged and bulky, yet incorporating smooth angles on the front and back-end, Guy’s speeder looks ready to make the streets of District 18 a better place.
2. Anthony Wilson‘s Needler X13. At first glance you might think it’s just a pile of bricks thrown together, but take a closer look to see the careful and painstaking planning to layer each part together into one coherent design.
3. Random Vector‘s Steam Denizen. An angled engine consisting of old-school Modulex parts combines with smooth flowing pipes, a Throwbot visor canopy and atmospheric lighting.
4. F@bz‘s Volkswagen Cardinal Speeder Bike. The first time I’ve seen a bike build with flexible spike parts that are actually used when flexed.
5. Graham Gidman‘s Street Devil. Superb stickering and photo editing gives this bike a real sense of speed while dashing through the streets of the District.

Lastly we like to thank The ManifestoeclipseGRAFX and Chrome Block City for sponsoring this year’s contest, and Keith Goldman for being our ‘sideline cheerleader’ as well as Christopher Hoffmann for being our guest-judge. We’d also like to thank also all the blogs/groups/people for getting the word out, and most importantly we like to thank you; the participants/’riders’ out there, for putting such a tremendous effort in time, design and enthusiasm into building all the bikes and displays. We couldn’t have done it with out you!

Courts adjourned, _zenn.

Group of the Month – Head Turnerz

Lego Rat Rod

It’s time for another trip into the online Lego community, as we resurrect the oft-forgotten ‘Group of the Month’ segment here at TLCB!

Much of the online Lego community is centred on Flickr; it’s a happy hunting ground for our Elves and is free from the ratings madness that blights MOCpages. Head Turnerz – one of Flickr’s most prolific vehicular groups – was founded there last year by a few ex-MOCpages users, and it’s rapidly grown to accommodate almost 100 members. We asked one of their admins to describe what the group is all about; “Head Turnerz is the group for LEGO car enthusiasts of all kinds, from stock standard to heavily modified and everything in between, Head Turnerz has it all!”

We’ve featured a number of creations from the Head Turnerz group here at TLCB, and both of today’s finds hail from one of the group’s monthly ‘meets’. Their February meet is all about hot rods & customs, from ’32 Ford Hi-boys all the way to slammed ’49 Mercurys, as demonstrated by Thomas Graafland‘s stunning rat rod above and Aaden H‘s slick ’30 Ford Model-A below.

You can see all of the group’s creations and join in the fun by visiting the Head Turnerz Flickr page here.

Lego Hot Rod

Group of the Month – The Rod Club

The Rod Club Lego Hot Rod

Here at The Lego Car Blog we like to hear your views, stories and thoughts on the little blocks from Denmark, so for this Group of the Month post we hand over to one of our readers, and a previous ‘Featured TFOL’, Aaden Hughes. Aaden’s involvement in the online Lego community is down to one of MOCpages’ many community groups. He tells all below:

All good things must come to an end, and after 5 years being the ‘bar setter’ in hot rod building, one of the most respected groups on MOCpages has called an end to its long running success. The Rod Club, was the place to go if you wanted to check out the best Lego hot rods and customs from across the web and earned its place as one of the most successful car groups on MOCpages.

For me, The Rod Club was what got me started on MOCpages. Ever since I first laid eyes on the group I had always wanted to become a member. I strived to earn my spot in their ‘Elite Section’ (dedicated to the best rod builders on MOCpages) and dreamed of one day getting their Rod Of The Moment (ROTM) award. Many of the greatest car builders were members, and they inspired many other builders to join and to try to reach the goals of earning a spot in amongst MOCpages’ ‘Elite’ or achieving a ROTM award.

After 5 very successful years The Rod Club’s founder, Ape Fight, has decided to close the group’s ‘Elite Section’ and ROTM award. The group remains but it’s now simply a ‘folder’ to put your rods into. With no more ‘Elite Section’ or ROTM award, the group has finally called an end to what was the ‘golden era’ of rod-building on MOCpages.

If you like hot rods check out the link in Aaden’s guest article above. The top 50 hot rod builders held on The Rod Club’s homepage is sure to inspire you. And if you’d like to get a group or community that’s close to your heart featured here on The Lego Car Blog please get in contact in the usual ways.