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A Cool Hummer?

If you’re a TLCB Elf, the Hummer is cool. Particularly if it’s in yellow, as a nearby one was when this TLCB Writer was growing up. However, to anyone not an Elf/Texan NRA member, the civilian Hummer is one of the most abysmal, uncool, and depressing turds ever to emit from General Motors’ soil pipe. Which, don’t forget, also produced this. And this.

However today’s Hummer is rather cool, and not just because of the setting. TFDesigns (aka Frost)‘s ‘Arctic Thunder Armoured Limo’ has been constructed for the Decisive Action contest on Flickr (as several of the models in our recent posts have been), for dignitaries to cross the frozen continent of Aptenodytes, wherever that is.

The H2-based limousine features working suspension, brick-separator front skis, opening hood and doors, and an in-built missile launcher, whilst the accompanying snowmobiles that make up the motorcade are jet-propelled, for reasons none other than jets are cool.

There’s much more to see of Frost’s Hummer H2 ‘Arctic Thunder Armoured Limo’ motorcade on Flickr – click the link above to make the jump and take a look, just avoid the missiles…

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Hummer H2 Lego Technic

Ah, Hummer… the loudest way you can proclaim ‘ I have a tiny little penis!’ to the whole world. But whatever our feelings on the over-hyped, poorly built, pointlessly machismo waste of tin that is anything with a Hummer badge on it, this Technic H2 is rather nice…

MOCpages’ Artemy Zotov is the builder and he’s included some decent mechanical functionality. We often publicise fancy RC vehicles here at TLCB, but sometimes it’s nice to feature a creation with good old-fashioned mechanics. This one has a working V8 engine, hand-of-God steering, opening doors and hood, and a removable rear deck. There’s more to see at the link above.

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