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Got Milk?

Lego Milk Float

Slow, quiet, and arriving in the dead of night, the humble electric milk float would be a spooky vehicle if it weren’t for the fact that it’s, well… a milk float.

Now sadly mostly replaced by boring (and not quiet at all) diesel vans, surely the time is right for the electric milk float to make a comeback. Stick a Tesla badge on it and the internet would love it at any rate.

This glorious homage to the silent dairy delivery knights comes from Flickr’s de-marco and there’s more to see of his brilliant milk float (and instructions too) at his photostream. Click the link above to bring the bottles in.

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Got Milk?

Mil Float

Electric bringer of dairy goodness

Legogil over on Flickr has created this wonderful MOC of one the UK’s unsung heroes – the humble milk float. Where would mankind be without such noble steeds? Two words: Dry. Weetabix. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

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