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Cream of the Crop

Lego International Harvester Metro

The other Lego blogs may have beaten us to this creation, but we’ve got the best title! This International Harvester ice cream truck (see – we’re geniuses!) comes from TLCB favourite, previous Master MOCer, and all-round Lego-building legend Firas Abu-Jaber. Featuring a fully accessible and highly detailed interior, Firas’ Harvester is as cool on the inside as it is on the outside. Give it a lick at the link above.

Lego Ice Cream Truck

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Big Yellow Beaver

Lego Komatsu

This Komatsu PC210LL-10 loves munching on wood.* With a 365 harvester head it can strip a tree of its branches in seconds, enabling the trunk to be neatly stacked on the back of a waiting truck. Flickr’s Mathijs Bongers is the builder and he’s replicated the tracked forest harvester brilliantly in mini-figure scale. See more on Flickr via the link.

*Just like your Mom.

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Bread Sled

Lego International Harvester Metro Van

The Lino Martins‘ bakery knows how to deliver in style. This is a 1940s International Harvester Metro van… with one or two subtle modifications. Pick up a loaf at Lino’s photostream via the link above.

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Log Roll

Lego Komatsu 895

This strange looking contraption is a Komatsu 895 harvester, and it’s been built (beautifully we might add) by newcomer LegoMathijs. His recreation of the giant Japanese forwarder features a detailed telescopic boom, cabin and engine, and working suspension with central pivot. There’s more to see on Flickr and at the Eurobricks discussion forum – click the links to swing your axe.

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Christmas Treats

Lego Holmer Sugar Harverster

The Lego Car Blog staff seem to be a bit portlier than they were before Christmas. Blame this on decadence of the TLCB Christmas party food and the fact that, well, someone had to eat the Smarties usually designated to the Elves whilst they were incarcerated.

With normal service resumed here at TLCB Towers it seems fitting that one of the creations uploaded over the Christmas break is a machine that enabled our mass sugar consumption, Eric Trax’ incredible Holmer Terra Dos T3 sugar beet harvester.

Powered by no less than eleven LEGO Power Functions motors and containing over 6,000 pieces, Eric’s harvester is a fiendishly complicated piece of kit. Watch the video below to get a flavour, and you can see all Eric’s photos on either Flickr or Brickshelf.

YouTube Video:


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