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I Like to Move It (Move It!)

Lego Ford E-350 Penske Truck

Everyone knows the fastest car in the world is a rental car. Here though is the rental exception. Not because it’s a box truck. That wouldn’t stop this staff writer from doing a million in it. No, this Ford E-350 Penske rental truck is the exception because it would have the driver’s own furniture in the back of it, and thus be driven in a manner similar to that adopted on his driving test. Once it’s unloaded though, the drive back the rental office would definitely make up for lost time.

This top-notch recreation of the humble Ford E-350 box truck complete with a lovely brick-built Penske livery is the latest build by colognebrick of Flickr. The model is wonderfully detailed and features some excellent decals too; head over to colognebrick’s photostream to check out all the images, and you can hear today’s title song (featuring some of the most complex and beautiful lyrics ever penned) by clicking here.

Lego Ford E-350 Penske Truck


Lego Penske Rental Truck

This might be the most unglamorous photograph we’ve ever published! This Penske rental truck is the work of the hugely talented LegoMarat, and we love it for the utterly boring (and thus wonderfully realistic) scene in which it’s pictured.

Underneath the nondescript rental bodywork lives some most excellent Technic functionality, including remote controlled drive and steering, suspension, and a working tail-lift.

All of LegoMarat’s photos of his truck can be found on Flickr, and you can view them by clicking here.

Lego Rental