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The Flying Dutchman

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Flying Dutchman

Ah, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. What started as a fun piratical zombie adventure (even if it stole more than a little from ‘The Mummy’) has since become a great rotting hulk who’s primary purpose seems to be providing a vehicle for Johnny Depp to continue his dodgy impression of Keith Richards.

So too ‘The Flying Dutchman’, a ship that started as a mighty race-built galleon but has since become a great rotting hulk who’s primary purpose…

OK, we really don’t like any of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies after the first two, but to be fair to us, they are complete shit. ‘The Flying Dutchman’ is an interesting visual spectacle though, gradually returning to nature whilst ferrying souls to the underworld or some such nonsense.

The Dutchman’s organic appearance makes it a monumentally tricky ship to recreate from LEGO, but that hasn’t stopped Sebeus I of Flickr, who has taken six years (roughly the same length as the third movie) to construct this spectacular version of the ghostly vessel.

With a complete (and suitably spooky) interior, an ingeniously constructed crew of mini-figure monsters, and with no Johnny Depp in sight, Sebeus’ giant galleon is well worth a closer look. There are dozens of images arable to view at Sebeus’ ‘Flying Dutchman’ Flickr album – click on the link above to take a trip to Davy Jones’ locker.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Flying Dutchman

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Truckers of the Caribbean

Lego Pirates TruckThe Elves, with their tiny minds and penchant for cartoon-style violence, love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Ok, well maybe not the third one but no-one liked that. So there was much excitement today when one of the troop found this highly modified Scania R560 truck on Flickr by TLCB regular BricksonWheels. His latest work echoes the European truck modifying scene; chrome, lots of lights and a seriously impressive paint job. BricksonWheels’ captures all the essentials and also throws in some Power Functions remote control features too.

See the full gallery of this amazing creation and read how it was built here, and you can read TLCB’s interview with the builder in the Master MOCers series here.

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