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Rocket Bunnied NSX

When tuning companies take their hammers to supercars they usually get it very wrong (see here, here and here, and try not to be sick), but there is one exception; Rocket Bunny. Founded in Japan by Tops Racing Arts Kyoto, Rocket Bunny kits are produced in a humble little workshop, with careful attention to detail and a few of very ordinary cars parked outside – the very opposite of the flashy (and hideous) European tuners above. The results have become world-renowned, and there are few tuning brands cooler than Rocket Bunny anywhere right now.

This brilliant Lego recreation of a Rocket Bunnied Honda NSX comes from TLCB regular Simon Przepiorka, who has not only captured the brand’s signature look to near perfection, he’s made instructions available so that you can too. Head to Simon’s photostream via the link above for the full gallery and to find the all-important instructions link.

Fat Rabbit

Lego Nissan Sileighty Rocket Bunny

Nissan’s current line-up is about as interesting as Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feed. But like said Twitter feed, it’s also very successful, with the Juke and Qashqai regularly entering into the top 10 best selling vehicles list in TLCB’s home nation. There was a time though when Nissan, whilst less successful financially, made cars that were far more interesting…

Lego Nissan 180SX

This is one such vehicle, the 180SX from the early 1990s. The SX has become a sought-after prize in tuning circles, and it’s a car that – thanks to the interchangeability of early ’90s Japanese parts – can be made to mix various bits of different ’90s Nissans rather well. This particular example is a ‘Sileighty’, which adds the front-end of a Silvia S13 with the rest of a 180SX. It’s also been fattened-up a bit by aftermarket tuners Rocket Bunny, and fitted with a hoofing great turbo.

Lego Nissan Rocket Bunny 180SX

Davanchi M is the builder behind it, and he’s done a brilliant job recreating the modified Nissan mix. There’s lots more to see, including an interior as good as the outside, at both MOCpages and Flickr – click the links to make the jump.

Rocket Bunny

Lego Nissan Silvia S15 Rocket Bunny

Davanchi M has appeared here before with his neat recreation of Nissan’s early 90’s Silvia, and he’s since updated his S14 variant to S15 spec, and applied a killer Rocket Bunny-esque wide-arch bodykit. There’s a whole gallery to peruse on Flickr – click the link above to make the jump to Davanchi’s photostream.

Lego Nissan Silvia Coupe