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Ghost Rider

The Lego Car Blog Elves are a superstitious bunch. They are mythical creatures from another realm though, so perhaps there’s some justification. Anyway, we’re exploiting said weakness today thanks to piterx, and his BuWizz powered self-balancing remote control Technic motorbike.

Watching it lean through turns as if controlled by an invisible rider is a spooky sight, and we’re having great fun terrorising the Elves with it. Take a look at the bike in action via the video below, and you can find out more about the build on Eurobricks via the link in the text above.

YouTube Video

Panigale Pieces

LEGO have a history of making incredible life-size replicas of both real-world vehicles and their own sets. This is their latest creation, and it’s a little different…

LEGO’s new 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R set joined the range earlier his year, and to celebrate the two firms’ collaboration they have worked together to create this; a fully working Ducati Panigale V4 R with a faring built entirely from LEGO Technic beams and pins, with no glue, no supporting structure, and no CAD.

Certified LEGO Professional Riccardo Zangelmi spent 400 hours creating the Ducati’s brick-built faring, using an estimated 15,000 Technic parts. The completed motorbike weighs 180kg (that’s the LEGO bricks and the real Ducati Panigale platform underneath them), and was unveiled at the Modena circuit in Italy by Ducati MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso.

It’s quite a cool looking experiment, and if you’d like to read more about the official 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R set, LEGO’s first collaboration with Ducati, you can check out our set preview via the link in the text above.

Crotch Rocket

Lego Technic Superbike

This brilliant-looking Technic superbike comes from Justin Broniszewski of MOCpages, and it looks like it’s going a million standing still. Working steering, a V4 piston engine and rear suspension all feature, and there’s more to see via the link above.

Crotch Rocket

Lego Technic Motorbike

This incredible motorcycle is the work of TLCB debutant Kieran Chamberlain, and it’s an absolute masterclass in Technic engineering. Riding on brick-built wheels and constructed from over 3,100 pieces Kieran’s motorbike is probably the largest that we’ve ever featured. The engine is something spectacular too, featuring four working cylinders with overhead cams, working valves and a twin-screw supercharger. It’s hooked up to a functioning footshift-operated gearbox and the whole lot is powered by an L motor and battery box mounted inside the frame. You can see more of Kieran’s jaw-dropping 1/3 scale bike at his Flickr photostream – click here to go for a ride.

Orange Slice

Lego Technic Superbike

The Elves know that orange Smarties are the best kind, and thus orange creations are highly sought after amongst our smelly little workforce. This find has pleased one of them greatly, as it’s now the recipient of a meal token and a coveted orange Smartie.

Hajdekr is the builder, and his bright orange super bike features a range of quality Technic functions, including suspension, steering and a four cylinder engine. You can see more of his bike – as well as a how-to instructional – over on Flickr via the link above, plus you can see a preview of LEGO’s own Technic super bike due in 2015 by clicking here.

Repsol Racing RR

Lego Honda CBR RR

The. Most. Realistic. LEGO. Bike. Ever.

This astonishingly realistic creation is a Honda CBR1000 RR Superbike, courtesy of Oryx Chen on MOCpages. Not only is it the most accurate superbike we’ve ever seen, most of it works too…