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Sounding a bit like an Italian magician pulling a rabbit from a hat (and thereby adding both Italy and Japan to TLCB’s long list of offended nations), Tadano are Japan’s largest crane and arial platform manufacturer, dating way back to the 1940s.

This is their TL200M mobile crane, or rather, a Lego version of it as built by TLCB newcomer Marco Gan.

Posable stabiliser legs and crane boom, plus a working winch all feature, and there’s more to see at Marco’s ‘TADANO TL200M’ album on Flickr. Click the link to magic your way over.

Tadano AR-1200M – Picture Special

Lego Tadano AR-1200M Crane

Following our massive LEGO Technic crane comparison review it’s time for one of yours. Considerably bigger, more detailed, more technical and more awesome, this spectacular Tadano AR-1200M by TLCB debutant Beat Felber would win against any of the official LEGO competition.

Lego Tadano AR-1200M Crane

There are sixteen remotely controlled functions, including drive, steering on all axles with four steering modes, a two-stage telescopic boom and two-stage telescopic jib, tilting cab, rotating turntable, twin winches, stabilisers with pneumatically powered supports, working lights and an electronically moving counterweight.

There’s a whole lot more too, making this one of the most impressive pieces of Lego engineering that we’ve found this year. See it all at Beat Felber’s photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego RC Crane