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I Get Around

Lego Surf Mech

Round round get around, I get around, yeah
(Get around round round I get around, ooh-ooh) I get around
From town to town (get around round round I get around)
I’ve a real cool mech (get around round round I get around)
I’m drivin’ real good tech (get around round round I get around)

I’m gettin’ bugged drivin’ up and down the same old road
I gotta mech with a van, it’s a wicked load
My buddies and me putting tracks in the street
Yeah, the bad guys runnin’ cos they can’t take the heat

The wise words of The Beach Boys there, slightly altered by the morons here at TLCB Towers to vaguely fit with today’s creation. Ok, we butchered a classic, but is was either that or we’d have to use this again. Anyway, the build; it’s a surfer-van-mech of course, from deep within the obscure mind of Dvd of Flickr. We’ve not really got any more to say than that, so it’s probably best if you check it our for yourselves at Dvd’s photostream. Head to the beach via the link above!

Groovy Little Motorbike

Lego Honda MotorbikeHonda’s Marc Marquez claimed victory at the German MotoGP over the weekend, so we’ve decided to take TLCB on two wheels for this post with a Honda from a different era (and budget!). The excellent Honda CB400 motorbike above comes courtesy of OzBen on Brickshelf. Check it out at the link and join the discussion on Eurobricks.

Just A Groovy Little Motorbike

Honda CB1100 Lego Motorbike

More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

It climbs the hills like a Matchless, ‘Cause my Honda’s built really light.
When I go into the turns, Lean with me and hang on tight
I better turn on the lights, So we can ride my Honda tonight

Well said Brian Wilson of Beach Boys fame. And well built by Zoltan Precsenyi on MOCpages, who’s done a superb job of recreating the Honda CB1100 in Lego. See more of this groovy little motorbike here.