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Sunday Speeder

Lego Star Wars Rey's Speeder

This near perfect scale replica of Rey’s Speeder from ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’, built by Robert Lundmark of Flickr, is not our usual fodder here at TLCB – but despite our ineptitude with anything sci-fi related we are completely enchanted with it.

Measuring almost half meter long and packed with exquisite detail, Robert’s creation is an absolutely beautiful model, and if you like it as much as we do you can help it to become an official LEGO set by voting for it on the LEGO ideas platform. Click the link above to see more of the build and show your support.

History Repeating

Lego Star Wars The Force Awaken X-Wing

We quite liked ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’, but the plot was… well, we’re just going to say it – totally and completely recycled from the previous films. Still, it’s understandable that new owners Disney probably don’t want to take too many risks with their fattest cash-cow.

The spacecraft in ‘The Force Awakens’ had been seen before too, from a reacquaintance with the Millennium Falcon to a new and still easily-blow-up-able Death Star via this; another incarnation of the X-Wing fighter.

This most excellent mini-figure scale version of the latest iteration of X-Wing comes from previous bloggee Yubnub, featuring movable wings, a neat cockpit, and space for that football-wearing-a-hat type thing that rolls around for most of the movie.

There’s more to see of Yubnub’s T-70 X-Wing on Flickr – use the force on the link above, or alternatively give it a click.

The Second Coming

Lego Millenium Falcon Star Wars

TLCB staff have yet to see the new Star Wars – The Force Awakens movie, but from the reactions to it from some of the proper blogs you’d think that Jesus Christ himself had returned to earth.

Unfortunately this hysteria can only mean one thing for the prices of LEGO’s past official Star Wars sets. With the 2007 official LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon set already fetching absurd money in the nerdier corners of eBay, if you want a Lego version of the iconic spaceship it’s probably best to build your own.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Lego Model

Marshal Banana has done just this, taking over a year to construct his incredible 7,500 piece, 10kg Millennium Falcon replica. There’s some trick third-party lighting throughout the build and a few wonderfully edited photographs of the Falcon in flight too. Make the jump to hyperspace* at the link to Marshal’s photostream above.

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon

*Or something.

The Force Awakens

Lego Technic Star Wars X-Wing

Before we get called out on whether the X-Wing is going to feature in the new Star Wars movie ‘The Force Awakens’, we’ll be honest and say we have absolutely no idea – today’s title is shameless click-bait!

Anyway, whether or not the X-Wing is set for a reappearance, Flickr’s Jeroen Ottens has built it superbly from Denmark’s finest plastic bricks. His recreation isn’t simply a static model either, as he’s packed it with pneumatic functions, including moving wings, opening canopy, weapons and landing gear.

More to see at the link above there is*.

*See, we can do Star Wars too… a bit.