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Rock Blunts Scissors

Lego Indiana Jones Tank

And tanks apparently. There was a point in time where tanks and horses fought side-by-side (and against one another) on the battlefield. At first it was definitely better to be on the horse, but so quick was the pace of development that just a few short years later the tank – and the various other machinery designed for us to kill one another more efficiently – had all but eradicated the horse from use in war. Which is good news for horses.

However that didn’t stop Indiana Jones who, in ‘The Last Crusade’ (which sadly proved not be thanks to the dreadful 2008 return), used his hoofed companion to shove a rock down the barrel of a tank cannon.

In reality this would probably just mean you got killed by both a rock and a tank shell, but hey – this is the movies! This glorious recreation of the famous scene from 1989’s ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’ comes from Flickr’s Joshua Brooks aka JBIronworks who has recreated both the Nazi tank and the scene’s dynamism brilliantly in Lego form.

There’s more to see of mini-figure Indiana Jones’s rock-based sabotage on Flickr via the link above, and in case you want to see the real one doing just the same click here to watch the original scene on YouTube.

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The Last Crusade*

Lego Indiana Jones The Last Crusade Motorcycle

There’s only been one post between Ralph Savelsberg‘s last creation to appear here and this one, but unlike the Indiana Jones movie franchise all of Ralph’s efforts continue to yield excellent results.

His latest model is the BMW R75 military motorcycle and sidecar that starred in the superb 1989 film The Last Crusade, complete with Indiana himself and his father as passenger. There’s lots more to see at Ralph’s photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego Indiana Jones

*If only. Someone please tell George Lucas to stop. Aliens? Really?!

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The Last Crusade

Lego Mark VIII Tank Indiana Jones

The Lego Car Blog Elves have moved on from the Transformers movies, having since discovered the ’80s gems from the Indiana Jones franchise. Indiana might be the star, but it’s his Nazi enemies that get the best toys. This one though, is actually British, so we’re not sure how the Nazi’s got their hands on it in the movie The Last Crusade. No matter, because it’s damn cool and JBIronWorks‘ Lego recreation of the Mark VIII International tank used in the 1989 blockbuster is too. See all the photos on Flickr at the link.

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