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Vanishing Point

Lego Dodge Challenger 1971

This radio station was named Kowalski, in honour of the last American hero to whom speed means freedom of the soul. The question is not when’s he gonna stop, but who is gonna stop him.

Ralph Savelsberg pays homage to one of the greatest road movies of all time. See more of Kowalski’s Dodge Challenger here.

Lego Vanishing Point Challenger

Vanishing Point

Lego Vanishing Point

The chase. The desert. The shack. The girl. The roadblock. The end. Nick Barrett recreates the ultimate road movie with his superb forced-perspective scene from the legendary 1971 film ‘Vanishing Point’. The piece earns him a place in the MOCpages 2013 MOC Olympics semi-finals, and you can see the amazing techniques that Nick used to create the above shot at his MOCpage here.

Vanishing Point

Lego Dodge ChallangerSuggested by a TLCB reader, this Technic Dodge Challenger by Flickr newcomer Dustyen055 includes Power Functions remote control, working lights, and one very cool stripe. The star of the 1971 road movie Vanishing Point, the Challenger goes out with a bang. We’d quite like to recreate the final scene with Dustyen055’s model and a pair of Lego’s own remote control 8275 Bulldozers.