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Drop It Like It’s Hot

Lego Dropship

Previous bloggee Horcik Designs has appeared here at TLCB numerous times with a wide variety of Lego machinery. His latest work is not a car, but it is positively epic looking. His ‘G3 Dropship’ features some incredible detailing for what is essentially a mini-figure scale creation, custom decals and a complete interior. There’s more to see on Flickr via Horcik’s photostream – drop in via the link above.

Lego Sci-Fi Dropship

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Lego Thunderbird 2

After featuring his incredible Thunderbird 3 model here last week, Flickr’s Gary Davis has uploaded images of one his earlier works, an enormous reconstruction of everyone’s favourite Thunderbird; No.2.

Built using only the simplest of bricks Gary’s stunning replica includes the hangar, mini-figure scale cockpit, support legs, and even an accurate model of the Mole vehicle that Thunderbird 2 carried.

All of the images can be found at Gary’s Flickr photostream; click this link to make a visit.

Tuk, tuk, tuk, tuk…

Tuk tuk

The cheap and simple to maintain “tuk, tuk” is spreading everywhere today. Especially in Asia, Africa and South America they are thronging the roads of cities transporting both goods and people. Recently, a team of Elves have been using a tuk tuk to haul their Lego finds back to TLCB towers. Fortunately this noisily annoying vehicle was smushed into the carpet by another group, equipped with Sariel’s Liebherr Loader.

Tuk tuks have now made it into space, thanks to Pico van Grootveld’s entry into this year’s Classic Space Pocket Money Contest. His Tequilatron theme might explain why 1980s spacemen were always happy and smiling. Pico has also just published photos of his awesome ORCA MK II gunship. Click this link to his Flickr Photostream to see more of both builds, including the alternative models made from the Tuk tuk’s parts.



Lego VTOL Camel

It’s a spacey day here at TLCB. Although today’s final publicised creation looks quite atmospheric, it’s definitely in the ‘weird sci-fi’ category of Lego building.

Built by David Roberts this is a micro-scale VTOL freight transport, nicknamed ‘The Camel’ due to its magnificent hump. Or because it humps (carries) things. Or maybe because it looks like it’s… er, humping things, if you know what we mean…

You can see more of the airborne amorous dromedary on either MOCpages or Flickr, and we’ll see you next time for some normal car-based* postings.


Not a Car

Lego VTOL Gunship

…but very very cool. Red Spacecat is the builder of this magnificent VTOL gunship, and you can see more at his/her/its Flickr photostream here.

Science Fiction?

Lego VTOLDavid Roberts’ VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft may look like the stuff of science fiction, but unbelievably it’s loosely based upon a real aircraft. A heroic failure of an aircraft, but nevertheless a real one. See more of David’s creation on MOCpages, and find out about the actual tail-sitting VTOL airplane that inspired it here.