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It’s Be-Hind You

This is a Mil Mi-24 Hind helicopter gunship, a 1970s product of the Soviet Union that remains a formidable aircraft even today.

The MI-24’s speed, size, troop carrying, and attack capability have led to its use in a depressingly long list of wars, conflicts and insurgencies over the last five decades, with over fifty operators worldwide, including countries in direct conflict with one-another, and some less-than-reputable dictators, despots, and militias.

The U.S even have a few, as does much of the former Soviet Union, with this excellent brick-built example by Flickr’s Steffan Johansson flying in Ukrainian colours. Ukraine’s former Soviet comrade Russia flies the greatest number of Mi-24’s of course, with many currently deployed in the ‘Special Military Operation’ (read ‘Illegal War’) in Ukraine.

At least five Russian and one Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopters have been lost in the conflict to date, which is a number that is at least the right way round, and you can see more of this one at Steffan’s ‘Mi-24/35 Hind’ album on Flickr.

Click the link above to take a look, or here to donate to those whose lives have been devastated by Russian aggression against their former ally. Both sides may be deploying the Mil Mi-24 Hind in the current conflict, but one deserves your support.

Smile, and the World Smiles with You

The Bell Huey UH-1 was used for all sorts of things during the Vietnam War. Other wars too (in fact the UH-1 is still in widespread service today), but it’s the pointless Vietnam conflict for which it is most famous. From medical evacuation – the role the aircraft was originally designed for – to troop carrying, reconnaissance, search and rescue, and an attack gunship, the ‘Huey’ proved to be an incredibly versatile design, and it’s the latter variant that has the Elves most excited today.

Modified with the addition of machine guns, plus rocket and grenade launchers, the UH-1 made for a fairly terrifying gunship, especially when a giant pointy-toothed smiling shark mouth was painted on the front. A smile we don’t think the Vietnamese locals would’ve returned…

This superb recreation of the Bell Huey UH-1 in U.S Army gunship configuration is the work of Robson M (aka Brick Designers) who has replicated the real aircraft beautifully in brick form. With top-quality custom decals, a highly detailed interior, opening doors, and super-accurate brick-built weaponry, Robson’s Huey is well worth a closer look. Head to Flickr via the link above to see all the photos and give it your best smile.

Pew! Pew! Pew!…

Lego Sci-Fi Gunship

…Is how we imagine the weapons on this gunship by Flickr’s Horcik Designs sound. At least, these are the noises the Elves have been annoying us with all morning following this find. Thanks Horcik. Anyway, there’s more to see at the link above – click to take a look whilst we get the much-feared office airhorn out of the cupboard…

Space Gun Ship

Lego Space Ship

The Lego Car Blog office knows collectively the square root of nothing about spaceships. What we do know is we quite like spaceships that look like… er, ships, in space. This is one such creation, the USS Avenger. It’s the work of Flickr’s JBIronWorks and there are some truly spectacular images available to view. Click the link above to see how good sci-fi photo editing can get!

Lego USS Avenger Ship

Tuk, tuk, tuk, tuk…

Tuk tuk

The cheap and simple to maintain “tuk, tuk” is spreading everywhere today. Especially in Asia, Africa and South America they are thronging the roads of cities transporting both goods and people. Recently, a team of Elves have been using a tuk tuk to haul their Lego finds back to TLCB towers. Fortunately this noisily annoying vehicle was smushed into the carpet by another group, equipped with Sariel’s Liebherr Loader.

Tuk tuks have now made it into space, thanks to Pico van Grootveld’s entry into this year’s Classic Space Pocket Money Contest. His Tequilatron theme might explain why 1980s spacemen were always happy and smiling. Pico has also just published photos of his awesome ORCA MK II gunship. Click this link to his Flickr Photostream to see more of both builds, including the alternative models made from the Tuk tuk’s parts.


Dust Storm

Lego Gunship

This incredible gunship is the work of TLCB newcomer [Stijn Oom], who has realised the artwork of previous TLCB bloggee Pierre E Fieschi in three dimensional form. Stijn’s Lego recreation of Pierre’s ‘Hammerfall Gunship’ design is one of our favourite entries into this year’s Flickr SHIPtember competition. We won’t pretend to know anything about what this craft does, how it flies or who pilots it, but we do know awesome when we see it. Expect to see more of the Hammerfall on all the main Lego blogs very shortly, but to get in early take a visit to Stijn’s photostream via the link above.

Lego Hammerfall Gunship

Not a Car

Lego VTOL Gunship

…but very very cool. Red Spacecat is the builder of this magnificent VTOL gunship, and you can see more at his/her/its Flickr photostream here.

I wandered lonely as a cloud


‘rongYIREN’s “Hawk” Gunship. And a cloud.

The Elves were feeling a bit spacey again today, and thus brought us something a bit more sci-fi than we usually get. Discovered on MOCpages, ‘rongYIREN‘ is the builder behind these delightfully chunky gunships, which match his delightfully chunky clouds.

Gunship II

‘rongYIREN’s other “Hawk” Gunship. And another cloud.

Hikari Gunship

Hikari Gunship

Honda Racing colours + massive engines + angry guns = much awesome

Mark Stafford’s fantastic ‘Hikari’ gunship was posted on MOCpages today, the site’s 312,803rd creation. Racing colours seem to look good on anything.