Chevrolet Silverado K30 Crew Cab | Picture Special

Here at The Lego Car Blog we’re not usually fans of American pick-up trucks. This is because they are, by and large, complete crap. However – and we appreciate there is little logic to this whatsoever – old American pick-up trucks, even though they’re still complete crap, are somehow becoming rather cool. This is one such ageing pick-up, the Chevrolet Silverado K30, in dually crew cab specification.

Perhaps it’s because as vehicles get older we’re willing to overlook their shortcomings, but we really want this truck. The Elves do too, seeing as it’s a giant tasteless 4×4. Fortunately for one of them, it did get its grubby little claws on this, as it found this rather impressive Technic recreation of the classic(?) Silverado K30 crew cab by previous bloggee filswagood on Flickr.

A few of the other Elves in TLCB Towers soon got to experience it too, but not in the way they hoped, as it ran them down in the corridor. Power Functions remote control drive and steering combined with bouncy suspension enabled filsawgood’s Chevy to comfortably squash a couple of our little workers before we took the controls away to take a look for ourselves.

And look we did, because filsawgood’s Silverado is a brilliantly-engineered build, not only featuring the aforementioned (and excellent) remote control drivetrain, but also opening doors, hood (under which is a detailed engine), tailgate, and toolbox (battery compartment), plus the model includes LED lights and a detailed interior too.

There’s much more of filsawgood’s superb Chevrolet Silverado K30 crew cab to see at his Flickr album by clicking here, and you can check out filsawgood’s other Technic 4x4s to appear here at The Lego Car Blog by clicking this bonus link.

3 thoughts on “Chevrolet Silverado K30 Crew Cab | Picture Special

  1. itsjustfingfood

    Complete crap? That is the strangest comment i’ve ever read. I was a fan of your emails and post and now im unsubscribing.
    Weirdest thing is… old, american trucks are pretty much out-lasting anything else on the road and are typically still used for actually work. People all across our country rely on them. People that dont sit around all day in offices or on computers or playing with legos. Get a clue and find some pride.

  2. itsjustfingfood

    Oh and i just realized a fun fact. The Ford F-150 is the best selling car in the U.S. and ranked number 3 in the world. Hmm. Dorks. Seems like your “opinion” is off a bit.

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello itsjust

      Thanks for your message.

      Our opinion is just that, an opinion. We wouldn’t take it seriously.

      All the best and we hope that you enjoyed your time here until now.

      Kind regards
      TLCB Team


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