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Flying Dolphin

The Lego Car Blog Elves have never met a dolphin, and thus they have little knowledge of what one looks like. The naming department of Eurocopter must only have had a loose idea too, because the clever aquatic mammals definitely don’t have rotors. Still, we suppose the barracuda doesn’t have wheels and that provided a cool car name for Plymouth.

The Eurocopter HH-65 does have a sort-of-dolphinish nose though, recreated here in superb detail by Robson M of Flickr. As well as the nose Robson has successfully replicated the Dolphin’s complex tail rotor, fitted a complete interior (with neat sliding door too), and has enhanced the accuracy with some excellent custom decals.

There’s more to see of Robson’s wonderfully realistic Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin at his photostream – click the link above to watch it do a backflip for some fish.

Air Ambulance Picture Special

Lego Technic Helicopter

Today’s incredible Lego creation comes from newcomer Chrismo72, who has built one of the most astounding Technic models of the year.

Featuring five Power Functions motors controlling the pitch, roll and rotation of the rotors, two sets of LED lights, two IR controllers and two IR receivers, Chrismo’s Air Ambulance helicopter is amongst the most advanced Lego aircraft ever built.

Lego Air Ambulance

As well as some brilliant Technic engineering Chrismo’s helicopter also includes some neat brickwork, such as the clever tail-rotor housing shown above.

There’s also a fully detailed interior, opening doors, and working control sticks. You can see all of the photos and read more about the build by visiting the discussion topic in the Eurobricks Technic forum.

Lego Technic Air Ambulance Helicopter


Lego UH-73 Dakota

With many of the Elves still dispatched on their secret mission to LEGO HQ we’ve got the time to feature more of your suggestions. Today’s comes from Andrew Somers on Flickr, with his ‘UH-73 Dakota’ military helicopter.

Loosely based on the Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota, his re-work has been lightly Americanised for the notoriously biased… er, we mean ‘patriotic’ US Military procurement suits. The real Eurocopter UH-72 is built by American Europcopter, a division of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company of North America, itself a division of Airbus Group, which by the sounds of it tried to get the word ‘America’ into the company names wherever possible to assist with U.S Sales. It seems to have worked, with over 250 Lakotas built for the U.S Military in the short time since it was introduced.

You can see more of Andrew’s upgraded Lego variant of Europe’s finest via the link above.


Lego Technic Eurocopter X3 Helicopter

One of our Brickshelf-based Elves returned to the office today. It was pretty hungry as it hadn’t found anything on the site for ages, but it’s now eaten for the first time in weeks and we’ve sent it back out the door again. We’re nice like that. Anyhow, it’s find is this; a fantastic Eurocopter X3 helicopter by arththra08. Arththra’s version of the famous tri-rotor aircraft features functional landing-gear, working rotors, and it utilises the latest smooth studless pieces to recreate a model that wouldn’t look out of place in an official LEGO box. You can see all the photos of the X3 on Brickshelf at the link above.