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The Transporter 3

With LEGO revealing their new (and really rather excellent looking) 10279 Volkswagen T2 Transporter set, we’re wondering if they will gradually work their way through all the Transporters as if they’re binging on Jason Statham action movies.

Getting there first though, is regular bloggee Jonathan Elliott, whose superb 6-wide recreation of the T3 Transporter looks considerably more realistic than anything that occurred in the third instalment of the movie franchise.

Click the link above to make the jump.

The Transporter

The Transporter

The Elves often return from the weird world of Karf Oohlu’s photostream with smiles on their faces and giggling tales of monsters on the toilet and aliens doing the hoovering. At other times they return scared and gibbering on about “chitterlings”, “crowks”, mad scientists and black tentacles. Fortunately, our feeble-minded workers soon forget their worries after a two-hour session of watching Transformers videos.

Today they have returned happy, with a creation which has earned them three blue Smarties. “The Transporter” is a tracked robot, whose belly contains three of the cutest tanks that we’ve seen. The “Battletykes” have been cleverly built with great economy of parts and descend from the Transporter via a nicely designed ramp. Click this link to Flickr to view the Transporter and more of Karf Oohlu’s strange creations.

Death Race

Lego Death Race CarThe Elves were very excited when they found this creation today. They like cars, they like racing and they like explosions, so it ticked all their boxes. Porsche-building genius Malte Dorowski returns, with one of the stars from the movie Death Race; ’14K’s Porsche 911, or what remains of one post-modification.

Normally at this point we’d give a synopsis of the movie plot, but as there isn’t one we’ll skip straight to the links! – See more of Malte’s brilliant model on either Flickr or MOCpages. Just watch out for Jason Statham’s Mustang.