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Bad Panda

Lego Mech The Elves have been feeling a bit weird lately and as such they’ve been bringing back some very un-car-like creations. This mech by Flickr’s Uspez continues the trend by being a cross between a washing machine, China’s favourite bear, and Bender from Futurama. Anyone familiar with Flickr will understand the title too, and we think this would make a far better ‘downtime’ photo than a stuffed animal being dragged across the street. See more at the offending site in question above.

Giant Panda

Lego Fiat Panda 4x4Our American readers may laugh at Fiat’s tiny off-roader, but mock at your peril; the original Panda 4×4 will beat a Hummer off-road on a typical snowy European farm-track. Piterx’s Technic version of the little Fiat is remotely controlled and includes all-wheel-drive. See it in action at his blog, or join in the discussion on Eurobricks.


Lego Panda

Be in no doubt, the Chinese are coming. We may be laughing at their products now, but it wasn’t so long ago the West was doing the same to Japanese and Korean car manufacturers. This FAW (First Auto Works) CA1010 with, er… a heavily armed panda in the back, is the work of Bad furday on Flickr.

We think you’ll start seeing FAW and/or their Chinese rivals in Western dealerships within 5 years, with or without militant bears. Another 5 years after that Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda and the rest will likely be very worried indeed…