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Maximum Madness

Lego Mad Max Cars

There have been three Mad Max movies to date, and with the latest re-ignition of the franchise promising a few more films to come our Elven workforce, whose second love after Megan Fox in Transformers is post-apocalyptic violence, are very excited. The Elf that discovered this photo is something of a hero amongst its colleagues today then, and it has also earned itself three meal tokens. We have seen a couple of these builds from Flickr’s Tim Inman aka rabidnovaracer before, but they look damn cool together don’t they? You can see more of his three Mad Max – Fury Road vehicles at his photostream via the link above.

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Keep it Simple

Lego Tractor

Proof that you’d don’t need a million parts to build something great has never been so concrete. This marvellous miniature tractor by hajdekr was discovered on Flickr – click the link to see how it’s been done!

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Mr. Plough

Lego Tractor

…that’s my name, that name again is Mr. Plough. Yeah, we’ve properly mashed up that Simpson’s reference, but we’re having a Matt Groening day here at TLCB (see this). Anyway, this tractor with plough attachment by Flickr’s Chris Maddison is one of the nicest farming devices we’ve seen in Lego. The background is something special too, but we’ll leave it to the proper Lego blogs to discuss. See the picture in full-size at the link above.

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