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Technic Tuesday

Lego Technic Hot Rod

Today’s double-post takes The Lego Car Blog back to its roots, with two brilliant fully functional large scale vehicles.

First up is Srecko Mimica‘s hot rod pick-up. Under the minimalist Technic bodywork sits a highly detailed V8 engine, working gearbox, steering and suspension, plus a list of Power Functions goodies including RC drive and steering and working turn signals. You can see all the photos on Flickr via the link.

Our second Technic model was brought to our attention via the Feedback page and can be found on Eurobricks. Built by desert752 it features slightly odd Ferrari-ish ‘System’ bodywork over a Technic chassis, but what a chassis it is! Contained within are eight Power Functions motors that power the drive, steering, pneumatic gearbox, air-suspension and a weird ‘acceleration boost’ function that we really can’t figure out. See all the details at the Eurobricks forum by clicking the link above.

Lego Technic Ferrari RC

Big Cat

Lego Caterpillar

Jurassic Park’s pooper-scooper

A recent Elf outing to Eurobricks uncovered this – a truly monster Cat. Now our Elves aren’t fans of cats, as when they meet bits of them tend to get pulled off, so a minor applause is due for the fellow who brought this in. Anyway, now he’s been congratulated, on to the model. It’s a Caterpillar 6090 Front Shovel by Jorgeopesi, which you probably already knew as you can read, but what you may not have known is that this behemoth features five LEGO motors and a full suite of pneumatics to control eight (yes eight!) different functions. To read more and join the Eurobricks thread, click on the link above.

You’ve Pulled!

If only Model Team was this good

Dikkie Klijn has taken Model Team to another level with this stunning Towtruck. It has every possible power function for hours of fun. It contains 9 power functions motors, 9 sets of lights and 7 sets of pneumatics. Check out his Flickr photosream and try to work out what they all do. There’s a video too – very impressive stuff.