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Arctic Roll

Lego Technic Arctic Explorer Remote Control

The Lego Car Blog Elves, despite being mythical creatures usually associated with winter, hate the snow. Unfortunately for them they have to go out in it if they want to get fed. One of our more enterprising workers found a novel way to return to the office though, riding aloft this brilliant remote control tracked arctic exploration vehicle from previous bloggee Desert752 Krill, who has recently uploaded more images of this build to Flickr.

As is the way with our Elves, it then proceeded to run down and flatten any colleagues it could find until the controls were taken away by one of TLCB staff. Which means we’re now driving it, and we can say after much research that it is properly fun! You can see what we mean in the video below, or on Flickr via the link above.

YouTube Video:

Arctic Roll

Arctic 01

It’s Technic! It’s Power Functions! It’s Pneumatic! It can smush 17 Elves into The Lego Car Blog carpet in one go! We’re still scraping up and plumping up our flattened workers after some of their colleagues brought this giant machine into the office. It has the perfect blend of Lego features to excite our excitable workers.

Russian builder Desert752 Kirill’s land leviathan looks as though some of his countrymen have put one of their mighty ice-breaking ships onto tracks. Weighing in at 6.9kg, the handle-like gantry in the middle is actually a handle, so that the machine can be carried around. Click this link to MOCpages to see more of this beast, plus diagrams of the pneumatics and drive-train and lists of all of the PF gear that makes it function. There’s also a video of the Arctic Explorer in action.

Arctic 02

On the Right Track

Red Tracks 01

Another day in the office at TLCB Towers and another group of 23 Elves contentedly squabble over a single bright red Smartie. It’s their reward for finding this rather nice Tracked Articulated Tractor. This is the third vehicle built by František Hajdekr using his extremely compact track modules. The tractor is a neat blend of a hinging Technic chassis with a System body which features so many headlights that we’re not sure which is the front or the back end.

František’s first machine to use his track modules was his Tracked ATV, based on the standard Lego motorbike pieces, shown below. This looks very like quad-bikes that actually exist, using the Litefoot conversion system for travelling in deep snow. You can see more photos of both machines, plus details of the construction of the track modules and the Tractor’s chassis, by clicking this link to František’s Flickr Photostream.

Red Tracks 02

Shed Your Inhibitions…

Shed 500w
We found a pair of elves giggling in a corner over a picture of this strange creation, which appears to be a shed mounted on caterpillar tracks. This vehicle has been built by Halfbeak, over on Flickr. Click the link to see Halfbeak’s work and to access photos of the real-life vehicle that this MOC is based on. What would you do in your all-terrain shed? Polite suggestions only please…