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Greener Beemer

The seventies has some wild colours. And brown. Mostly brown in fact, but no matter, because this super-slammed ’70s BMW 2002 tii is gloriously green.

PleaseYesPlease is the builder and you can see more of his greener Beemer on Flickr via the link.

Featured TFOL: Davanchi M

Lego BMW 2002 Turbo

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a… er, Featured TFOL, here at The Lego Car Blog. This is mostly because we’d forgotten about it as a category, but also because many TFOL-created vehicles are home-brewed nonsense with fantastically impossible engines and dimensions.

The Lego Car Blog Elves quite like this approach of course, but any such finds are vetoed by the office for being ‘a bit shit’, and the Elf in question swiftly shown the way back out by way of the office catapult.

MOCpages user Davanchi M started out building the aforementioned type of vehicles, but has progressed through the various phases of TFOL-dom to reach the point where his creations are now excellent recreations of some of the most-respected cars not the road. Once such example is this glorious BMW 2002 Turbo – one of the star cars of the 1970s – that Davanchi recently uploaded to his MOCpage.

Davanchi is adding new cars to MOCpages regularly, and all are now well worth a view. You can see more of the BMW and his other creations via the link above!

Rat Race

Lego BMW Rat RodHere at The Lego Car Blog we’re sometimes preoccupied with the pretty, the powerful and the prestigious when it comes to the cars we publish. Today we rectify this, with an old BMW. An old BMW which has the whole office yearning to own it. _Tiler‘s BMW 2002 Rat Rod is one of our favourite creations of 2013, and best of all it’s based on a real BMW Rat Rod, one you can view in _Tiler’s links. _Tiler’s work has appeared here quite frequently over the past few weeks, but when it looks like perfect we can’t help but feature it. See the whole superb gallery at the link above.

Lego BMW 2002

Turbo Tuesday

Lego BMW 2002 TurboIt’s our second ‘T is for Tuesday’ post (let’s see how long we can string this out!), and this ‘T’ is for ‘Turbo’ – a word synonymous with fast cars. Back in the 1970s turbo-chargers on road cars were a very rare event. One of the first manufacturers to embrace forced-induction were BMW, who bolted a KKK turbo-charger onto their little 2002 saloon, creating an instant classic.

Exactly 40 years on Flickr user _Tiler brings back the first European production car with a turbo in Lego form, and rather splendid it is too! See it and his other creations via the link above.