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Wheelie Big Cheese

FebRovery is nearly over, but as we approach the end of the annual rover-building bandwagon we’ve got time to squeeze a few more in. Today’s is a fine way to finish, as surely all good events end with cheese. David Roberts‘ is the builder behind this ‘Edam Rover’, a giant wax-skinned contraption used in the Cheese Mining industry that has been so famously represented in countless Lego creations. Grab yourself a cracker and head to David’s photostream via the link above for a taste.

Deep Cheese

Lego Sci-Fi Rover

Space stilton. Galactic gorgonzola. Rocketfort. Whatever it is, this planet’s loaded with it. Markus Rollbühler, making his TLCB debut, has built the perfect vehicle for cosmic blue cheese mining. With enormous tractor tyres (fitted the wrong way round Markus, cough cough…), a panoramic windscreen for spotting the best cheesy veins, and a huge cargo hold for transporting the blue bounty, Markus’s ‘Deep Space Discoverer’ is perfectly suited to Lego sci-fi’s most absurd industry.* Grab some crackers and head over to Flickr via the link above for a taste!

*That we even have a ‘Cheese Mining’ tag is testament to this.

Cheese Mining

Lego Moon Cheese Mining

Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese. Flickr’s Galaktek is exploring the tasty future of lunar expedition with this professional-looking cheese mining team, who are working hard to bring the bountiful harvest to unadorned pieces of toast and dry crackers everywhere.

Lego Sci-Fi Crane

Complete with crane, cheese barge and a space mouse, the cheese miners look well equipped to extract the lunar-gold and transport it to earth for human consumption. Sadly the helmets necessitated by the moon’s lack of atmosphere prevent the plucky mini-figures from enjoying any of the cheese themselves, but we’re happy to report back on its quality should we be provided with a sample. Grab a cracker and head over to Galaktek’s photostream for a tasting.

Lego Space Cheese

Classic Space Pocket Money Contest – 2014


The tiny minds of the Elves are often attracted to tiny, brightly coloured things.  They also like the odd bit of sci-fi, especially buggies and spaceships and robots.  It’s almost as though David & David, the hosts of the Classic Space Pocket Money Contest II, created their competition with our workers in mind.  If they were ever given any pocket money (Pay the little swabs? Never!) then the builds in this contest are exactly the sort of thing that the Elves would spend I their loot on.


The contest took Lego back to its roots, with builders limited to 100 parts.  Having built a hopefully winning MOC, builders then had to disassemble it and come up with two other MOCs, using just the original pieces.  We seem to have forgotten that Lego used to actually encourage kids to take the model on the box-top apart and build something new, rather than having a TIE fighter sitting on the shelf, gathering dust.


This years contest set the competitors the additional challenge of inventing their own Classic Space style theme.  It lead to some strange colour combinations and surreal back stories involving unobtanium and cheese mining.  Andy L’s winning “Space Fire Response Unit” are, naturally, equipped to fight fires in the vacuum of space.  Who cares about the science: just revel in the 1980s retro looks by clicking this link to the contest’s home on MOCpages.


Note:  NEVER give a TLCB Elf any money.  They WILL eat it and those big £2 coins get horribly wedged in their tiny tummies.