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Tiny Turbo Meets Drome Racers

#3 and 18 - Count Sepulchure

Today we bring you what Drome Racers would’ve looked like if it were a series about Tiny Turbo supercars. Count Sepulchure’s pint-sized racecars, numbers 3 and 18, use some early 2000s printed pieces to create a very retro-feeling pair of supercar-esque creations that you should definitely check out. You can see more of the Count’s work over on Flickr (no relation to the Sesame Street character, though how we wish there could be).

Maxi Mini

Lego Mini Cooper Redux

Every so often, you think of something so ridiculous that you wish it could be true.  A Mini Cooper monster truck, coincidentally, has always been one of our silly desires.  Conveniently, Tim Henderson over on Flickr has got us covered there. His delightfully absurd take on the recently-released 40109 Mini Cooper set makes us tingle with excitement and prompts thoughts of the pint-sized Mini getting its chance to tangle with the big boys…or just run them over, that works too.  You can check out Tim’s work on Flickr.

Lego 40109 Redux

Red Vixen


We here at TLCB are suckers for classic cars and gorgeous construction alike, so put the two of them together and we’re sold. This first-gen Mustang by VKTechnic comes complete with opening trunk, hood, and doors, and has RC and functioning suspension as well! And naturally, the gorgeous outdoor photography doesn’t hurt the paintjob either.  You can check out this beauty and more of VKTechnic’s work over on Flickr.


Tiny but Mighty

Tommy ñ's GTR - front

It’s not often that one of the Lego community’s most diminutive vehicle scales – Tiny Turbo – puts detail on full-scale models to shame, but every now and then one does. This GTR by Tommy ñ over on Flickr has enough intakes, greebles, and realistic details to go toe-to-toe with models tens of times its size (and look good doing it).  You can check out this and more of Tommy ñ’s cars over on Flickr.

Tommy ñ's GTR - front