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Lego Bosozoku Toyota Hiace Van

Toyota’s Hiace van wouldn’t be high on our list of the best vehicles to modify, but the world’s car tuners do seem to make odd choices sometimes. In Europe the Volkswagen Beetle and Transporter are perhaps the most inappropriate, whilst the Japanese modifying scene has gone a similarly daft route with ‘Bosozoku’ – the style in which builder filsawgood has created his splendidly ridiculous Toyota Hiace drift van.

Underneath the be-stickered Technic bodywork is a Technic buggy motor powering the rear wheels and a Power Functions servo motor which steers the fronts. These are linked to the previously featured third-party SBrick which enables control via a tablet or other mobile device.

For more details on the Hiace Hoonivan and to see a full gallery of images head over to Eurobricks via the link above.

Lego Technic RC Van

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The Antidote

Lego Bosozoku Kaidou

With many Lego blogs focusing on the money today, we’re keeping TLCB focussed on the Lego, and what better way to counter the ridiculousness of Black Friday than with some ridiculousness of our own? Plus ours is pink!

This brilliant mini-figure Bosozoku Kaidou car comes from Flickr’s Tamotsu Nobusawa, who has recreated one of Japan’s weirdest automotive sub-cultures in perfect Lego form. If Bosozoku Kaidou is new to you we highly recommend giving it a Google, although be prepared to lose a good part of your day. There’s more to see of Tamotsu’s creation on Flickr – just click the above.

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