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3 in 1

Lego Scania Low Loader Truck

We’re only three days into the new year and the Elves have already found possibly the best vehicular MOC we’re likely to see. This astonishing build is the work of Dennis Bosman aka LegoTrucks, and it’s taken him over two years to complete.

Up front is a beautiful Scania R500 8×4/4 tractor unit, behind which is a Faymonville Megamax low loader trailer, giving a total vehicle length of an incredible 2.5 meters. The Megamax’s load is just as spectacular as the rig carrying it; an enormous vintage Menck M154 bucket excavator complete with boom extension.

Lego Scania R500 Low Loader Truck

Each model is a work of brilliance in its own right, and put them all together and you have one of the most realistic creations we’ve ever featured. To see all the photos of the Scania, the Megamax steered-trailer and the Menck excavator make sure you visit Dennis’ Flickr photostream via the link above, where you’ll also find images of the real truck, trailer and load combination that inspired this amazing build.

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Motorway Maintenance

Lego Scania TruckWe’re kicking off the week here at TLCB with some big creations. First up is this colossal Scania R124G complete with low-lowder trailer and excavator. Built by Dennis Bosman aka ‘legotrucks’ you can see more of the rig here. Next is one of the more unusual vehicles that we’ve featured, but without which all the others here would have nowhere to drive. They’re a pair of grader/scrapers, used for removing old tarmac before new is laid. Suggested to us via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page they’ve been built by bricklington on Brickshelf, and you can see the full gallery via the link above.

Lego Grader

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Potato Puller

Lego Scania 143 TruckThe collaboration continues between two of the world’s most talented Lego truck builders. This incredible Scania 143 truck, previously featured here at TLCB, is the work of BricksonWheels on Flickr. His equally talented compatriot, Dennis Bosman, a prolific truck builder in his own right, adds a perfectly suited Bulthuis Potato trailer to complete the rig.

We’re delighted to announce that we recently bagged an interview with BricksonWheels, who becomes the second builder in our Master MOCer Series. Click here to read his story, or visit the ‘Interviews’ tab on the homepage menu.


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Classic Scania

Lego Scania LT146This beautiful classic Scania LT146 dump truck is the work of TLCB favourite Dennis Bosman, also know as legotrucks. The LT146 was almost a year in the making, and not only is it incredibly accurate in the looks department it includes some decent Technic functions underneath too. The Elves found Dennis’ latest work on Flickr, but where you really want to head is his own very smart website, which contains full details of this and his other works.

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2 for 1

Scania T114
Shampoo and Conditioner, Suit Jacket and Trousers, Scania T114 and Liebherr 904

Dennis Bosman caught the Elves’ attention with this brilliant 2 for 1 deal on Flickr (3 if you include the trailer, which is a fantastic MOC in its own right).

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