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Don’t worry kids, that’s not the real Santa. But the title still applies, and we expect his ‘elf’ is definitely going to do some stuff on the Naughty List.

Lasse Deleuran owns the mind behind this, er… Christmassy scene, and there’s more to see of ‘Santa’, his ‘elf’, and the mobility scooter upon which he’s riding on Flickr. Ho-ho-ho!

Short Circuit

Lego Sprint Racers

TLCB Elves are getting very excited seeing the creations made just for them that are appearing across the internet for TLCB Summer Building Competition.

Lino Martins has shot straight into pole position with his entry of two awesome-looking short circuit Sprint race cars. Racing stripes? Check. Big engines? Check. Bonus Elf? Check! The genuine racing stickers look the business too.

TLCB Summer Building Competition

There’s more to see of Lino’s competition entry at his Flickr photostream, and you can read the competition rules, prizes and entry requirements here if you’d like to enter your own creation!

Lego Sprint Cars


Lego Elf

The Lego Car Blog Elves are riotously excited this afternoon, because today one of them found a car named after themselves! This 5-wide slice of classic British motoring cake is a Riley Elf, which was basically an Austin/Morris Mini with a slightly ugly boot stuck on the rear, some extra chrome on the outside and some extra leather on the inside.

Volkswagen might be grabbing automotive headlines with their fancy MQB platform shared across multiple brands but the British Motor Corporation did it 50 years earlier with efforts like this. And their thriving presence today proved it worked out great in the long run… Anyway, see more of this Elf by visiting Lego Guy’s photostream.