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Bonneville ’66

Car manufacturers are sometimes a little… er, ambitious with their names. The ideal car for running on the salt flats of Bonneville is not one of the largest production vehicles ever produced, fitted with drum brakes and a three-speed gearbox.

The Pontiac Bonneville first launched in 1958 as a two-door hardtop or convertible, based on the luxurious Pontiac Star Chief, but de-specced to bring the price down. By the fourth generation – pictured here – the range had expanded to include four-door hardtop, sedan and station wagon body-styles, all of which were powered a range of variously-sized V8 engines, and the luxury had been reinstated to make the Bonneville Pontiac’s most expensive model.

This beautiful Model Team recreation of the Bonneville two-door ‘Sports Coupe’ from 1966 captures the excess of the car superbly, with builder Jakub Marcisz replicating the full-size barge in stunning detail.

Opening doors reveal a wonderfully accurate interior, a lifelike V8 engine sits under the opening hood, and the trunk opens to reveal, well – some complicated building techniques, but the real car’s trunk was almost unfeasibly large, thanks to a total vehicle length exceeding 5.5 meters.

Come to think of it, maybe Jakub’s Pontiac Bonneville isn’t so optimistically named after all. It’s really very large, and very yellow, just like its desert namesake, and there’s much more to see at Jakub’s ‘Pontiac Bonneville 1966’ album on Flickr. Head into the heat of Utah via the link above.

Cream Cracker

After more than a few posts that definitely weren’t cars at all, we’re back on brief with previous TLCB competition winner 1saac W.’s beautifully presented ‘32 Ford hot rod. Disc wheels, a detailed exposed engine, and an Adventurers windshield create an accurate period aesthetic and there’s more to see on Flickr at the link.

Salt Shaker

At this time of year TLCB Team regularly drive on salt. Monotonous November roads and yet more rust eating the office’s Rover 200 are probably not what you had in mind though. Fortunately Flickr’s Faber’s Flickr’s Faber Mandragore has created a far more interesting salty journey, recreating the Utaharian landscape of the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats and a mini-figure scale salt-flat hot rod in which to tackle them. It definitely beats a grimy motorway in November, so we’ll be at Faber’s photostream imagining we’re in Utah. Join us there via the link.

Speed Week

Bonneville’s Speed Week is approaching, assuming Coronavirus doesn’t put the brakes on, where vehicles of all shapes and sizes will take the famous salt flats in pursuit of speed.

Flickr’s 1saac W. pays homage to one of the automotive world’s greatest spectacles with his marvellous ’32 Ford. Neat building techniques and excellent photography are obvious to see and there’s more of the model available at 1saac’s photostream via the link above.

Road to Bonneville

Lego Pontiac Bonneville 1965

America is just about emerging from the automotive wastelands it’s been occupying since the late 1970s. Sadly though, Pontiac didn’t survive its stay in the wilderness, dying alongside such names as Saturn, Oldsmobile, and Eagle. But Ralph Savelsberg hasn’t forgotten Pontiac. His recently updated and totally beautiful 1965 Bonneville reminds us of a time when the American car wasn’t a fat joke, and ‘Aztek‘ only referred to an ancient civilisation in South America. You can see more of his glorious tribute to old-school Americana on Flickr – click here to take a trip to ’65.

Lego Pontiac Bonneville


Lego 1966 Pontiac Bonneville Nightcrawler

This blue beast is a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe, with a few modifications courtesy of the inside of Lino Martins‘ head. A chop to the roof and ground-scraping lowered suspension accentuate the already ridiculous proportions of the ’66. It’s been built for the 99th LUGNuts challenge on Flickr, and with the 100th just a few weeks away we’re expecting something pretty special to celebrate… We’ll bring you more details of the 100th LUGNuts challenge soon, but in the meantime you can check out the 99th and Lino’s entry via the links above.

No. 74 – Picture Special

Lego '32 Ford Hot Rod

This absolutely stunning ’32 Ford Roadster hot rod was discovered by one of our Elves on Flickr. It’s been built by previous bloggee Andrea Lattanzio aka Norton74, and it’s quite incredibly beautiful.

Lego Hot Rod Garage

Based on a ’32 Ford Model-B body and fitted with a flathead V8, Andrea’s creation is typical of the early hot rods of Bonneville racing. He’s also included a photo of the car in his wonderful previously featured workshop, complete with superbly recreated (although slightly more modern) tools and garage equipment.

There’s lots more to see at Andrea’s Flickr photostream and we highly recommend paying him a visit – click here to see all of the beautiful images.

Lego Ford Roadster Hot Rod

Salt Fever

Lego Hot Rod Salt Flats

This adventurous mini-figure looks like he’s having a blast. Tim Henderson has recreated a scene from the pioneers of modifying. You can see more of his ‘Origins of Hot-Rodding’ on Flickr – click the link above to step on the salt flats.

Paint it Black

Lego Hot Rod

I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black…

This beautiful Bonneville salt-flat style hot rod comes from the aptly-named Hot Rod on MOCpages. Using Lego flags, rubber bands, Technic cogs and whatever else was lying in his brick bucket, Hot Rod has created one of the most unique cars we’ve seen in a while. Check out this MOC as well as his other creations on his MOCpage via the link above.

Proper Job

Bonneville Hot Rod

We’re not sure this would pass pedestrian crash tests…

This brilliantly insane hot rod entitled ‘Spirit of Bonneville’ is the work of Angka Utama on MOCpages. Looking like the bastard offspring of a Checker taxi and an Air-Cadet training plane it’s a bit death-y at the front, but there’s no-one to mince on the salt flats so it’ll be fine. Probably. See more on MOCpages at the link above.