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Reformed Ford

‘Restomods’ are big business these days, where classic cars, pick-ups and 4x4s, are brought up to date with the addition of modern engines, suspension, electrics, and brakes, whilst mostly keeping the looks that make classic vehicles so appealing.

This is Tony Bovkoon’s brick-built restomod, a 1956 Ford F-100 pick-up featuring a subtly modified exterior that includes opening doors, hood and tailgate, with a beautifully detailed interior and engine bay inside the first two.

Very un-’56 wheels hint at the powertrain upgrades that would lurk within, and there are over a dozen superbly presented images available to view at Tony’s ‘Ford F-100’ album on Flickr.

Click the link above to upgrade a ’56 Ford.

Get your Kicks on Route 66*

It’s a bumper haul for an Elf today, with no less than five creations brought back to TLCB Towers. All come from Dornbi, who has – from left to right – created a Ford ’40 Coupe, Mercury Eight, Hudson Hornet, Ford F-100, and Mercury Eight convertible brilliantly in mini-figure(ish) scale. The collection forms part of Dornbi’s ‘Route 66’ diorama and there’s more to see of it and the cars shown here via the link to Flickr above.

*Today’s absolutely marvellous title song.

Fifty-Six Ford F-Series

Lego Ford F-100 Truck

It’s been a ridiculously busy few days here at TLCB. Thanks to several online contests running concurrently our Elves have been finding huge numbers of top quality vehicles for us to blog. As February draws to a close we’ll be able to slow things down a bit, much to the relief of our typing fingers, but we’ll part the month with one final contest entry, and it’s from one the best builders anywhere in the world.

This incredible 1956 Ford F-100 pick-up comes from TLCB Master MOCer and Professional Builder Nick Barrett, and is his entry into the LUGNuts ‘100 Ways to Win’ competition.

At a huge 44 studs wide Nick’s truck is one of the most detailed models of the year so far, but with such complex curves we think all 44 studs were probably needed! Underneath that beautiful full-stud bodywork is a full Technic supercar chassis, with a perfectly recreated V8 engine, 4-speed gearbox, working steering, and – somewhat weirdly – adjustable air suspension.

There’s a whole lot more of the classic Ford to see, including some great engine and chassis images, on both MOCpages and Flickr.

The Omen

Lego Ford F-100 Hot Rod

Now the writing’s on a wall
It won’t go away
It’s an omen
You just run out of automation

Now the writing’s on a wall
It won’t go away
It’s an omen
It’s an omen
It’s an omen

Lino Martin channels his inner Prodigy with this chilling classic Ford F-100. See more on Flickr.

Built Ford Tough

Lego Ford F-100

Our final model in today’s bumper edition of The Lego Car Blog is another classic American legend; the Ford F-100 pick-up truck. This lovely Model Team example is the work of newcomer Ewald Straßmann, aka Brickpimp, and he’s published a whole host of superb images on both MOCpages and Flickr.

Lego '50s Ford Pick-Up